Leave Me Alone (from Strings Attached)



It's just a dream
That keeps me awake
I want to scream out
There's only so much I can take
I was beholden
And very powerless
If your path was golden
I couldn't care less

I could throw the sweetest curve
If I only had the nerve

I don't care what people say
I live my life the lonely way
And when your nose gets out of joint
I see I've almost made my point
Won't you leave me alone?

It's just a day
That turns into a week
And as the years stray
Into a losing streak

I could sing the sweetest tune
As we dance into our ruin

I don't care what people think
I write my tale in poison ink
And when your lie gets in my way
A rotten case of truth decay
Won't you leave me alone?

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