Jabberwock - Her Faithful Battalions


UNTITLED c1995 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - synths, tapes, electric guitars Dave Rodgers - percussion COMMENTS This piece is one of the few instrumental pieces ever recorded by Jabberwock. It is based around some tapes I made of various sounds in Paris in 1994, including a street musician playing the sax and the train arriving in a large underground Metro station with lovely reverberation. I believe the church bells are from the Pantheon in the Latin Quarter. Dave played his hi hat carefully placed on the floor of the studio. Somehow, he brilliantly made his part work seamlessly with the tape of the Metro station. I think he played the percussion part at the end by using drum sticks on a pair of congas. I played string samples that we ran through an unusual patch on the lexicon LXP-15 that Mike dialed up. It produced some beautiful overtones that gave the part a mysterious haunting vibe. Sometimes this song feels unfinished to me. Coming up with a proper title would certainly help. Some 12 years after this song came into existence, I'm still looking for a title. I must be either very patient or a total idiot. For a couple of showcase gigs, we played a DAT recording of this song as we walked up on stage. It cast an otherworldly spell that prepared the audience for the unique experience of a Jabberwock concert. Or so we liked to think. Wishnefsky

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