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WIGGED AND SPUN You know how things work out You know how debts are paid There’s only so much time To counteract the pain Wigged and Spun I know you’re frightened, baby Of my poison kiss There’s only so much time Until eternal bliss Wigged and Spun I know you’re tired now Well, so am I You’ve got a life to live There’s only so much time Wigged and Spun c1995 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky – vocals, electric guitars, synths Todd Jameson – vocals Dave Rodgers – drums, loop, vocals COMMENTS Ever find yourself in an alternate universe where right is left, in is out, and your tears float up to the clouds like backwards rain? Well, I haven't either. But, I tried to imagine it and that's how Wigged and Spun entered this specific universe. The rhythm pulse for this song is a loop of Dave playing this unique, miniature steel slide guitar that Todd found at a garage sale. That instrument sat in our studio for a long time and we could never figure out how to play it correctly. Fortunately, Dave figured out to play it incorrectly. Dave's drum part, which I think is brilliant, was run through a lexicon effect with a harmonizer setting, so that the drum part is doubled an octave lower. The "wigged and spun" vocals, sung by Todd, Dave, and myself, went through the same effect, though the source signal was turned almost all the way down. I suspect that we put the effect on the drums by accident and discovered it sounded cool. Wigged and Spun likely represents the zenith of our post Southland, experimental period. Our primary goal was to be creative and weird. Unlike the Bush administration's attempt to "liberate" Iraq, I believe we accomplished our goal. It was quite kind of Michael James to indulge us when he mixed this song. Wishnefsky

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