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WITH A BULLET How can you live with yourself? Holding your life like an eggshell Leaving your head in the sun Flying the unfriendly skies Banking your wings in the wind storm Sky-writing smoke swastikas The time has come The time has come for you There’s a bullet with your name on it c1995 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky – vocals, acoustic guitars, synths, reverse samples Todd Jameson – vocals Dave Rodgers – loops COMMENTS This song was another experimental piece. The rhythm track is a loop of Dave playing the drums played back at different speed and run through a bunch of effects, augmented by some analog synth sounds played on my vintage duophonic Maxi-Korg. The acoustic guitar part was played in an open D tuning. The keyboard part in the middle and end is simply a long sample played turned upside down so its plays backwards. Very easy to do nowadays in the digital world. It was a bit trickier at the time doing it on a Roland S-330 sampler. Yes, I realize the melody on the verse is a bit Beatlesque. I'm not sure that this song is finished. My comments are, though. Wishnefsky

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