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ENJOY THE WAR Sit back Relax You Know What you're in for Sit back Relax And enjoy the, Enjoy the War I saw a man with the face of a dog Frothing at the mouth Chomping on the bit Wagging his tail like a hurricane He said, "I have come to bury your bones In the hole that I will dig And you have reached your final destination You have finally found your home." You have finally finally found your . . . Home in the ground One with the dirt Crawling like a worm Water, mud, and roots Home in the ground I saw a man with the face of a dog Dragging you down, pulling you under Onto the floor of the roller-dome And the crowd will roar like a lion As you come face to face Hope you enjoy the war You have finally finally found your . . . Home in the ground One with the dirt Crawling like a worm Water, mud, and roots Home in the ground c 1996 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - electric guitars, bass, vocals Dave - drums, percussion COMMENTS When we wrote and recorded the songs that ended being Letterbomb, we started experimenting with different styles and shooting for a more creative sound. I wrote a lot of songs that pushed the envelope. With Southland, we learned how to make a record and we developed a sound. The next step was to go further creatively. And we did. From the time we released Southland in 1994 to the time we broke up in 1997, we recorded a large number of songs. Lyrically, I wanted more edge. I was struggling with my life. I had had such high hopes for Southland and except for some moments of verification, my hopes had been dashed. I was unable to quit my day job as a lawyer and was forced to spend an incredible amount of mental energy before I could go to the studio. I wanted to make a record that reflected my anger at how fucked up Los Angeles had become and all the stupidity I saw around me. In that sense, Letterbomb needed to be the sequel to Southland, a natural progression. Letterbomb was to be our punk album, though with melody and musical power. At the same time, in the midst of my depression, a wonderful thing happened. In 1995, my wife and I had our first child, Sophie. Becoming a father stirred all sorts of new emotions and feelings. Some of the edge I had been feeling started to wear down from the combination of love and sleep deprivation that only first time parents know. I took two weeks off from work and during that period, I had an incredible burst of creativity. I wrote several new songs, a few of which ended up on Letterbomb. Some of the otther songs that I wrote sent me a new direction, based more on melody and harmony. While I was in Jabberwock, that direction culminated in songs like Our Blessed Isabella, Stitting on Top of the World, and Digging my Grave - which truly blossomed and found their place in Veneer, the band I started after Jabberwock. Enjoy the War came from a few grooves that Dave and I played around with. The lyrics were inspired by a sarcastic comment made by my close friend Todd Feinman that stuck in my mind and ended up in one of my notebooks. I always thought Enjoy the War was a little long, but we never figured out how to tighten it up. A lot of the song's energy and feel comes from the guitar parts and things that happened in the heat of the moment. This was before I started recording on computers and had the ability to cut and paste. We didn't play this song very much live. When we did, it didn't seem to strike me the way it did in the recorded version. I'm not sure why. Wishnefsky

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