Jabberwock - Letterbomb


MONKEY BITE Your monkey bit me in a screaming rage Who let that monster out of his cage That primate hit me with his concrete eyes You know the passing of time can really pulverize Monkey see Monkey sue Monkey bleed Monkey turning blue I'm the best at none of your business Put God on the stand if God is your witness Monkey see Monkey sue Monkey bleed Monkey turning blue Pain is everywhere Jesus save the sinners in this sorry world Pain is everywhere Pain is everywhere I was never young I was born an old man With binoculars for eyes And telescopes for hands Wishful sinking Mother of pearl drops Let your monkey go Until your monkey never stops Monkey see Monkey sue Everybody out of this Miserable Zoo Pain is everywhere A spoonful of sugar makes the shit go down Pain is everywhere Pain is everywhere c 1996 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - vocals, electric guitars, bass Todd - vocals Dave - drums COMMENTS The lyrics to this song spawned the title of our cassette EP: Wishful Sinking. I wrote the lyrics sitting in the parking lot of LA Fitness in Pasadena. Thankfully, I had my trusty notebook when lightning struck. I sang the verse vocals through the same toy that we used for the vocals on This Ain't No Weapon, It's a Golf Club from Southland. We used that toy for a long time. Finally, the guilt became too much to bear and we gave it back to the family who lived across the street from Dev - the original owners of the toy. By then, their kids had grown older and forgotten about the toy. They looked at us like, what the hell were we doing returning this toy. Guess we should have just kept it. No good deed goes unpunished. This song represented the zenith of my angry writing. But, you know, we weren't a punk band. We were really an alternative art rock band. Plus, we're nice guys. So Monkey Bite seemed a little strange live. There's no acoustic guitar on the recording. But when I started playing more and more acoustic live, we tried it a few times with me playing the rhythm guitar part on acoustic and it actually sounded pretty damn good. Wishnefsky

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