Jabberwock - Letterbomb


SOUTHLAND (PART THREE) I came home and my home was gone Must have opened my letterbomb Nothing left after the second riot Nothing left but peace and quiet Oh Are you dead yet? Oh Is there any life left in you Suffocating on the fumes of justice Sliding down the continuum corruptus Carry your identification To assist the coroner’s investigation Oh Are you dead yet? Oh Kiss of death Oh Are you dead yet? Oh Is there any life left? I want to touch your body To see if it still moves I want to kiss your mouth To see if you still breathe I want to hear your heartbeat To see if blood still flows I want to taste your breath To know I’m not alone Oh Oh Are you dead yet? Oh Are you dead yet? Oh Are you dead yet? Oh Is there any life left in you? I came home and my home was gone c 1996 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass Todd - vocals Dave - drums COMMENTS I wish I could change some of the lyrics of this song. "Are you dead yet?" is just a little gruesome for me now. At the time, it felt right and it was certainly consistent with other things I was writing. I called the song Southland (part three) because lyrically, it's an extension of Southland and Fire has Sparks (Southland, Part Two). The bridge and guitar solo are my favorite parts of the song. The solo section is two different solos. I'm not the greatest guitar player. When it comes to solos, I have to rely on atmosphere and emotion instead of raw chops. (I have some serious velocity when I want on the keyboards as many of you know, but not on the guitar.) Usually, with the guitar solos, I would play one after another on any open tracks until it felt right. When I did this song, the first one felt okay. I liked a couple of things about it and kept it because I thought I would want a reference to recall the good parts. We turned that solo down so I couldn't hear it and I went for another pass on another track. I played a similar solo. Somehow, by pure accident, when we played back the song, we put both solos up in the mix. It sounded incredible - pure magic. And that's what you hear on the finished version. I don't think we played this song live. I think we rehearsed it a bit. We felt we had plenty of songs that worked live, so we never felt the urge to throw this one on the set list. Wishnefsky

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