Jabberwock - Letterbomb


ST. JOHN The kiss of death is burning blue Are there any signs of life in you? c 1996 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - electric guitar, synths, vocals Todd - vocals Dave - percussion, Snapple bottle COMMENTS This song came at the peak of our experimental stage. Yes, that is Dave whacking a Snapple Bottle. Yes, that is Todd singing through my vox guitar amp and a fuzz pedal. Yes, this is the shortest song on Letterbomb. We never even thought about playing St. John live. I think I may have quoted the guitar part once or twice during the extended jam at the end of Like a Human. I think this song fulfilled the same role that This Ain't No Weapon, It's a Golf Club did on Southland. A short exercise in boundary stretching and a brief respite from the meat and bones. Then again, I'm a vegetarian. So go figure. Wishnefsky

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