Jabberwock - Southland


FIRE HAS SPARKS (SOUTHLAND, PART TWO) Fire has sparks Fire has sparks A bad breeze is blowing in Like the lizard’s breath A tidal wave of greed and corruption Has got me contemplating (my own death) Fire has sparks Fire has sparks It’s coming over you Like a bomber with anelic wings It’s flying over you Like a belly bursting at the seams Fire has sparks Fire has sparks It’s coming over you It’s flying over you Fire has sparks Fire has sparks c 1994 by Wishnefsky, Dave Rodgers, and Todd Jameson Dave - drums Wishnefsky – vocals, bass, electric guitars, feedback guitars, synthesizer, samples COMMENTS I didn’t know what to think of this song when I wrote it. Then Dave and I did a quick demo that had this strangely powerful energy. At a certain point, we realized that the song fit in very well with the songs that ended up on Southland. The intensity of the music and bite of the lyrics captured what we wanted to convey. The final version of the song was difficult to record. We had a clear vision of what we wanted: essentially a better recorded version of the demo. It can be difficult to recapture the magic of demos and the sense of discovery. A lot of our final versions of songs turned out to be the original demos souped up by Michael James’ mixing mechanics. The feedback guitar on Fire Has Sparks took several sessions to get just right. I’m glad we took our time because the final result very much captured what we wanted. Live, this song was hit or miss. When the mood was right, it raised the roof. I recall being interviewed by a gentleman from the Pasadena Weekly who refused to tell me during the interview what he thought of Southland. I became a bit defiant. After we finished, the writer told me he loved the CD and was going to give it a good review. He said his favorite song was Fire Has Sparks. He came to a gig shortly after that and I recall that our performance of Fire Has Sparks transported us and the audience to another world. Pure magic. Heads duly inflated, we proceeded to suck royally the rest of the gig. At least he got to hear his song. Wishnefsky

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