Jabberwock - Southland


KNIFE Push came to shove And now I’m not alone Drums made of skin Sticks made of bone I was hibernating I dreamt I was awake I was reaching for the apple But instead I found the snake Waiting for the Knife I put on a blue gown Every time I drive As I sail through the cross streets I cover up my eyes c 1994 by Wishnefsky, Dave Rodgers, and Todd Jameson Todd – backing vocals, mantra Wishnefsky – vocals, electric guitar, feedback guitar, synthesizer, tapes COMMENTS I wrote this song in the dead of night. I started by putting down the guitar part over recordings of voices and singing made on my video cam in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1991. The singing and some of the voices are from a Russian Orthodox wedding in a run down old church. I added the melody and lyrics a few nights later. A wedding is a new beginning, of course, so it was only appropriate that this song open our first CD Southland. However, this song has nothing to do with marriage; rather, it concerns the feeling I had driving on the empty 110 freeway through South Central LA during the riots. We only played this song live a few times. It opened the set for the first Jabberwock gig ever in 1994. We rehearsed an extended version with drums for a while around 1997, but never played it live. Wishnefsky

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