VALENCIA (Bonus Track)

Jabberwock - Southland


VALENCIA c 1994 by Wishnefsky, Dave Rodgers, and Todd Jameson Dave – drums, tambourine Todd – vocals Wishnefsky – bass, electric guitars COMMENTS Sorry folks, but this is a hidden bonus track; hence, no lyrics for you. This is the closest thing to a country song I have ever written. Todd, properly exercising lead singer prerogative, amended much of my original lyric and clearly for the better. Yes, the sound you hear at the end of the song is Dave throwing a tambourine at me. Luckily, it missed. Otherwise, the end of the song would have featured the melodic strains of me beating the living hell out of Dave. The multi-talented Rich Vanilla did some pre-mastering work on Southland. At our behest, he very skillfully placed the sound of a needle being placed on a vinyl record, with pops, clicks, and hisses. It’s featured right before the song proper kicks in. Some of you youngsters may not recognize that sound. Your loss, I’m afraid. The best thing about working with Rich was that he insisted we take a break in order to catch the latest episode of Star Trek, the Next Generation. He didn’t charge us for the time of course and his enthusiasm for the 23rd century was palpable and elevated everyone’s spirits. We played Valencia live a fair amount during our Southland shows. Todd hammed it up and no one really knew what to think. As if there is a law against being eclectic. When we met famous producer Bob Ezrin, who loved Southland, he wanted to know why we wrote a song about lemons or apples or some sort of citrus fruit. After a brief interlude of utter wonderment, we deduced that Bob thought Valencia is about Valencia oranges, when, in fact, it actually concerns the city of Valencia, which is located in the Santa Clarita Valley in the northern part of Los Angeles County. Bob connected the dots following a quick explanation. He did get the rest of the album without our assistance. Of course, it would have been nice if he had also gotten us a record deal. But that’s water under the bridge and somewhere in the sewer system. Things happen for a reason and had we been signed at that time, I never would have sired the most remarkable little girls in the world: Sophie and Ruby. It feels good to know I have my priorities straight. Wishnefsky

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