CONGENIAL TRANCE c1994 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, Dave Rodgers - drums COMMENTS If the lyrics on the verse sound a bit familiar, there’s a good reason. I stole them from this song and stuck them in Like A Human, a song on Letterbomb. And so, Congenial was never finished. As such, most of the vocal is just a rough once through. I had pretty much forgotten about this song until I came across it while mining old DAT tapes for unreleased songs. I kid you not, but I did not recognize the title of the song. I recognized the song once it started playing of course. I have no clue where the title came from. The voices at the end of this song belong to Tyler and Austin, the little boys of Dev and Soraya Dosaj, the gracious couple who owned the garage in which we set up our studio. Well, they were little back then. I’m told I wouldn’t recognize them now. Wishnefsky

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