DO WHAT YOU WANT c1993 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass Dave Rodgers - drums Todd Jameson - keyboards Stephen Bock – backing vocals COMMENTS This is one of the early songs from the Rod Clark days. We recorded this version around 1995 after we purchased some better recording equipment and started sounding a lot better. We re-recorded some of the early stuff just to see if it struck our fancy. The very first pass at this song was much longer and had an extended experimental introduction section that sounded quite psychedelic. As for the lyrics, they concern a specific person with prodigious determination and unshakable intent. Our guest guitar player for live shows, Steve Bock, did an excellent job on back up vocals, hitting notes I could never hope to reach in my chest voice with both testicles intact. This song didn’t fit the subject matter or sound of our three records, so it remained in the unreleased category. But it’s a nice little song. Wishnefsky

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