I WON'T TELL YOUR HUSBAND c 1996 by Wishnefsky and Todd Jameson Wishnefsky - acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass Todd - vocals Dave - drums COMMENTS This is the second and last country song I have ever written (the first being Valencia on the Southland CD). Husband was originally slated, with some hesitance, to be a bonus bonus track on Letterbomb. When we brought it in to be mastered, Chris Bellman said, "You've got to be kidding me. This sounds like a completely different band." That was all we needed to hear. It just didn't fit there. I really can't explain this song other than to say it is not based on true experience. Sorry, you'll have to use your imagination, which, according to U2, is even better than the real thing. I'm not so sure about that, other than the irrefutable fact that your imagination is far less likely to result in the transmission of some wretched disease. I Won't Tell Your Husband was mixed in mono and, if I remember correctly, was run through one of the guitar amps. We wanted to make it sound like it was coming out of a bad jukebox in a run down truck stop cafe. Todd has no memories of putting down his wonderful lead vocal because, at the behest of Dave and me, he was totally shit-faced hammered at the time. Sober, his vocals were simply not up to our extremely high standards. This was the only time that alcohol ever had anything to do with a Jabberwock song. Don't worry, we didn't let Todd drive home until several cups of coffee later. Todd sang into an old fucked up headphone speaker that also acted as a microphone. I think the headphones were Rod's. We never wondered why he left them in our studio when he moved to San Fransisco. We would go for lo-fi parts and effects on occasion, but this is the only entire song Jabberwock ever did that received the lo-fi treatment. I think I Won't Tell Your Husband is actually a decent song. But you can judge for yourself. Wishnefsky

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