UP TO SPEED c1995 by Wishnefsky Wishnefsky - vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, synth Dave Rodgers - drums Todd Jameson - vocals COMMENTS This is another song that was almost on Letterbomb. When I wrote Up To Speed, I was very much into the album Mercury by the band American Music Club. Mercury is their greatest album by far. Producer Mitchell Froom had the genius to place Mark Eitzel’s brilliant singing and beyond inspired lyrics on top of the bedspread while the moody, dissonant strains of the band kicked restlessly under the covers. Todd turned me on to AMC and Eitzel. I couldn’t get that fucking tape out of my car for months. I never ever try to copy anyone. But, in Up To Speed, I wanted to capture some of the spirit of AMC. So much of what we were doing at that time had an edge to it. I wanted us to do something softer and fuzzier and smokier. The lyrics tackle the trials and tribulations of attempting to become an idiot. Like any other skill, it takes practice. Wishnefsky

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