Drinking the Sun with your Eyes

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Drinking the Sun with your Eyes c1998 by Wishnefsky COMMENTS This song addresses some of the gut wrenching feelings I experienced while exorcising ghosts of the past during therapy. The title of the song is also a metaphor for the visual aura that precedes a classical migraine headache. Maybe this sounds strange, but it feels good to get this stuff out of me, almost like removing a tumor. Psychologists have long recognized that processing past traumas pulls suppressed memories from the vortex of the hidden psyche, thereby healing the conscious and relieving the sub-conscious of the burden of locking away painful recollections in the seldom visited rooms deep in the house of the mind. Change and growth may be imperceptible in the moment, but they do happen. The glacier may flow slower than a snail's pace, but it still crushes all in its path. Moreover, booties may shake like the San Andreas Fault during up-tempo disco numbers, but hearts only melt into one during the cheek to cheek slow dances. I hurt, therefore, I am. I yearn, therefore, I exist. I write songs that go to the dark places of my soul, therefore, I don't have a record deal with a major label. I did not use a click track while recording this song and I believe it was a wise decision. Some songs require a constant tempo; others, like Drinking the Sun, must waver in time like the moods of the composer. Whilst the lyrical content of this song falls in the "let's probe the dark recesses of the soul" category, I think the music is quite beautiful and powerful. In fact, I think it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever written. I hope it moves you. Wishnefsky

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