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Oblivious c1994 by Todd Jameson, Dave Rodgers, and Wishnefsky COMMENTS Yes, this is the same Oblivious from Southland. In Jabberwock, we played Oblivious many times. Over time, I felt my vocal performance improved dramatically over the recorded version on Southland. Sandbag needed another up tempo rocking type of song. So, we gave Oblivious a shot and I had an opportunity to sing it again in a recording. Stephen Bock played the guitar solo and sang back up vocals. I particularly enjoyed banging on the piano at the end and, fortunately, managed not to break any strings or fingers. As much as I like this version of Oblivious, I don't think I'll put it on the final version of Sandbag because the lyrics don't match the theme. This song belongs on Southland and that's where it will stay, even if I know I can sing it a lot better. Wishnefsky

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