We had a nice show last night at Tiki in Costa Mesa. Thanks to everyone who came out. 

From my vantage point, it was a bit of a roller coaster ride thanks to Matt breaking not one, but two bass strings.  It led to an unanticipated pause in the proceedings which Dave and I filled up by playing a most unusual stripped down, bass-less version of I Evade You.  Later in the set, we had a most unusual technology train wreck at the beginning of Get Up Go Down which required us to stop about 20 seconds in and start over.  Thankfully, the audience hung in there and I'd like to think we rewarded their patience by pretty much nailing the rest of the set.

We played some of the new tunes from our next record, namely, Irrational Man, Cloudburst of a Dream, Shadows Like Them, and Wasters.  They all seemed to work really well.  Playing a song live can be an excellent way of figuring out if the song is truly happening.  I'm excited about the next record.  It feels like it will be really strong. 

We are setting up more shows.  Once we have a firmer grasp on when the next record will be released, we would like to set up a record release gig/party.  Stay tuned for more news.

And please like the Brahms' Third Racket facebook page, or, as some people say, the book of face. 

We're making significant progress on the new record Water Hammer.  At present, it has 12 songs.  We are likely to release some of the songs as singles or an EP in advance of the whole record.  Stay tuned.

A few of the songs feature phenomenal back up vocals by the uber talented Mary Ann Pelino. 

We will be playing some of the new songs at our next gigs.  We're excited about the new stuff which we believe is the best work we have done to date. 

On Saturday October 17, at 8 pm, we will be playing at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa.  

On Saturday August 8, we will play at Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa at 8:30 pm.  The show will feature our videos/visuals. 

On Tuesday August 11, we are playing at the Copper Door in Santa Ana.

We are playing at the International Pop Overthrow Festival at Club Fais Do-Do in Culver City Sunday July 26 at 9:30 pm.  We are looking forward to it and hope to see you there. 

A record I played keyboards on is under consideration to be nominated for a GRAMMY in the rock instrumental category! The record is by the brilliant Michael James and is called Marchesano. I was very honored to be asked to play on the record. It was co-produced by David Kahne, who has produced, among many great artists, Paul McCartney.

Please check out Michael's record. Check out his blog too. Great stuff about music and life.


For our July 9 show, we will be using visuals during most of the songs.  Matt has created some really interesting videos which will be projected on a giant screen behind and above us as we play.  The videos are synchronized with the songs.  It will make our show all the more dramatic, creative, and immersive.  We're very excited about making this leap in our production. 

On July 9, at 8 pm we are playing at Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa.  We are playing with heavy metal cover band Septic Shock. 

On Sunday July 26, we are playing at the International Pop Overthrow Festival.  We play at 9:45 at Club Fais Do-Do in Los Angeles. 

We had a great show in OC a few days ago.  Pix and vid on the BTR facebook page. 

We had fun last night at Rustys in Santa Monica.  They have upgraded the sound system and the new sound guy rocks.  Looking forward to playing there again.   

On Thursday May 21 at 8 pm, we will be back at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa.  It's a great place to see us.  Check out the pics below and on the FB page.  We will be followed by a cover band called Septic Shock.  They are great, so stick around after we're done. 



The new B3R record is called FANTASTIC SHADOWS. 

You can listen/stream/download right HERE.


We enjoyed playing Tiki Bar last night.  Great sound system.  Fun place to play. 

We played a few of the tunes from the new record which will be released very very shortly.  We're excited about the new stuff. 

Tina and I are going to sneak away for a few days to one of our favorite places.  I'm looking forward to sleeping, working out, reading, and, most of all, spending some quality time with my lovely sexy wife.  We both really need to do this. 

I'm going to play around with the periscope app, which allows streaming live video over twitter.  So, if you want to be a fly on the wall in my little private world, get the periscope app and look for the wishnefsky twitter feed.  I'll try to find some interesting moments to share. 

I'm going through the end game process on the next record.  It's the usual mind fuck experience.  The mixes are done.  And now it's down to the "other stuff" that goes along with the music.  It is just as important and therefore I have been focusing on the "other stuff" with the same vim and vigor that I apply to the music.  As a result, I've changed the title of the album, dropped five songs, recovered two of them, changed the order too many times to count, and looked at a zillion public domain photographs to see if anything resonates as a cover.

I discovered a photograph in the NASA image bank of a bizarre, semi-futuristic giant round tank full of god knows what.  It looks like it was taken in the late 50s or 60s.  The photo resonates with me.  Other members of the B3R inner circle share my affinity for the photo, but question how well it fits this particular album. 

Since I prefer that everyone on the B3R team feel as strongly as I do, I am looking for alternatives.  I found a old public domain black and white photo of dogs pulling what looks to be an Eskimo on a sled.  You can barely see the man and the dogs faces are bit fuzzy and vague.  Shadows of the dog reach towards the camera.  I'm not describing the photo very well.  It's interesting as hell.  I just emailed it to other B3R team members to see if it strikes them the way it strikes me.  

If the dog sled photo doesn't do the trick, I may resort to putting my foot down and insisting that we go the giant tank of god knows what photo.  It's a unique photo and corresponds with my visual aesthetic sensibilities.  

It's exciting to be this close to the finish line.    

Michael James posted a nice blog today that includes a discussion about some technical elements involved in making the next Brahms' Third Racket album.  As an added bonus, the blog includes a few goofy pics of MJ, me, and the Beast.  

In case you're wondering, the Beast is my fav electric guitar.  It is a vintage Yamaha SG1500 with incredible sounding DiMarzio pick ups.  It was formerly MJ's guitar.  I bought it from him while we were making the first Jabberwock record over 20 years ago.  The Beast is part and parcel of my sound.  MJ and I have an understanding that he has the right of first refusal if I ever sell the Beast.  But, hey, that will NEVER happen.  In point of fact, I intend to be laid to rest with the Beast in a coffin adorned with the Vox insignia.  Since MJ will in all likelihood outlive me and seek to reclaim his former instrument upon my demise, he will be forced to rob my grave in the dead of night.  But, who could blame him?  I certainly wouldn't.  But, then again, I would also be dead.  Whereas the Beast will live forever. 

Anyway, MJ is one of the best mixing engineers in the world and has worked on many great albums and songs by a wide range of incredible recording artists.  I'm quite fortunate to have his assistance on my records and even more fortunate to call him a dear friend.


The new tunes are almost done.  We just need to nudge the vocal level on one part of one song and then I think we are probably there.  The songs sound really great.  Can't wait to get them out there. 

On May 1 at 9:30 pm, we are playing at Rusty's on the Santa Monica Pier.  Please come out and enjoy a nice night breathing the ocean air and watching B3R tear it up. 

*    On April 9 at 8 pm, Brahms' Third Racket will perform at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa, California.

*    This week we start mixing the next B3R record, tentatively titled All Is Lost.

*    Dave's shoulder surgery went well.  He is back in action, pounding the skins.  And the drums, I might add.

*    It hailed earlier today in LA and now it's sunny.  The point the Gods are trying to make, I presume, is that there is always hope.  Plus, being a weatherman is a tough gig. 

I hope you had a healthy, happy holiday season and new year.

Here is the latest news on the Wishnefsky front.

*   B3R will resume playing live after our drummer Dave Rodgers recovers from shoulder surgery.  Poor Dave had the surgery right before Thanksgiving.  He should be able to play the drums like his usual madman virtuoso self in another month or so.  Stay tuned for gig announcements. 

*   A new B3R album is in progress. Will be released in 2015. Working title is All Is Lost. The songs are written and recorded except for the drums, which we will complete when Dave is good to go. 

*   We are re-recording a number of Wish songs that B3R plays live.  Dave finished the drum tracks a few days before he went under the knife.  This record will be released in 2015.  Working title is Greatest Hiss, Chapter One.  I'm excited about re-releasing these songs because they have evolved significantly for the better as we have been playing them live. 

*   I've been working on some projects on the side.  I played keyboards on tracks featured on an upcoming Michael James instrumental album.  I'm also playing keys/guitar and writing with the Minty Freshmen who are working on their debut release.  Let's just say for now that the other Minty members are way more notorious than I am (not like the bar is set all that high) and I was honored that they asked me to be a Minty.  I'll give you more info on this project in the future.

That's all for now.  Be good. 

We are playing at Rustys on the Santa Monica Pier at 10 pm.  It will be a great show.  We are playing a mixture of new and old - favs and surprises. 

For guitar geeks - I will be trying out my recently acquired gold top Epiphone Les Paul in a live setting for the first time.  Really like this guitar.  It has been sounding killer during rehearsals.  I will also be playing the Tele and trusty old Takamine acoustic.  Only bringing one amp:  Vox AC-15.  I'll have the latest version of my pedal board (Xotic EP Boost, Rat distortion, Vox DelayLab, Boss DD3 digital delay, and Ibanez Tube Screamer). 

So there you have it.  See you tonight! 

We're back up in the Sierras for a few days.  It's a bit toasty, but gorgeous and clear.  The air tastes just right.  It feels like each breath increases my life expectancy by 30 seconds.  How much damage does the foul LA air do to my lungs?  

I wrote a new song which might work well with the other nine I have for the new record.  It's tentatively titled Habit of Force.  I didn't bring my acoustic, bass, or stuff I need to record vocals properly.  Only brought up my electric guitar rig, a few electrics (les paul, tele), and a 57.  So I put down a rough, working version with synth bass and scratch vocal through the 57.  Not sure I've landed on the final draft of the lyric.  We'll see how it sounds when I record everything properly.  The rough mixes of record feel incomplete as is and perhaps this song will close the loop.

The new stuff is guitar oriented, organic, and melodic.  I imagine I ended up at this place because playing live has caused me to focus a lot of attention on improving my guitar playing and knowledge about the technical side of getting tones and the like.  Even though I have been the playing the guitar since I was 10, I still think of myself as a keyboardist.  I feel at home with keyboards where it's far easier for me to translate what's in my head into something listenable.  I still feel like it's a bit of a struggle on guitar unless I'm playing a rhythm part.  But I have certainly improved a whole bunch.  And I've always written quite well on the guitar.  I'm far more limited on what I can do harmonically on the guitar and play simpler chords than on piano or keyboards.  So, writing on the guitar makes me focus more on melody and lyrics and conveying a simpler musical message.  That tends to results in songs that people connect with more immediately.  

When I produce my own stuff, I usually want a somewhat unusual atmosphere in the song.  I'd like to think it's what makes my stuff unique and interesting.  So I typically try to avoid straight ahead type of production for the most part.  The new record, though, is not based as much on unusual atmospheres.  It's more about the writing and performance.  Still sounds like me nonetheless.  The lyrics and melodies and hooks are the threads that link the new stuff to my body of work. 

So there you have it.  Rambling musings from a songwriter.  Happy Labor Day!

I spent a week writing B3R material up at my parents' place in the Eastern Sierras.  It's one of my favorite places to go for writing.  They have a fairly bizarre giant living room - dining room bisected by an indoor creek/pond with water pumped in from Bishop Creek.  When I go there, I set up a mobile studio in dining room portion.  I was all alone this time as my parents are out of the country.  My wife and kids did not accompany me.  I was able to focus without distraction and that was great for writing.  When I wasn't writing or tracking, I was pretty fucking lonely and relatively miserable.  Of course, that particular mental state beckons deep seated internal demons and, consequently, songs emerge.

I now have a bunch of new material which seems to be coming together in a new record which for now I'm calling All Is Lost. 

The new stuff is electric guitar oriented: not much in the way of electronics and synths.  Because my car is in the shop, I took Tina's car up to Bishop and there wasn't room for the Mesa Electra-Dyne and the Vox AC15.  The Mesa stayed at home.  So all of the electric guitar parts I did up there were through the Vox.  I love the Vox.  Using it alone suggested a more British sound and I think that influenced some of the parts and pushed some of the songs in a certain direction.  The guitar sound in my old band Jabberwock was basically my vintage Yamaha SG1500 (i.e. the Beast) going through my old vintage 1962 Vox AC10.  Some of the parts on the new songs have that same tone.

There is piano on some of the songs.  I generally save the more piano oriented material for the Veneer records, but it seemed to work really well with this group of tunes.     

The songs are short.  They get right to the point.  This time around, I didn't feel like drawing things out and taking the listener on a lengthy journey.  The songs are pretty melodic and hooky. 

The lyrics are influenced by the recent death of a good friend who passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, and far too young.  We all know how our journey starts and what happens in the end.  The mystery and adventure lie in everything between. 

Two of the songs were originally intended for a project I'm helping Michael James with called the Minty Freshmen.  At a certain point, the two songs started sounding more like B3R than the Minty F-men and I ran with it.  The subject matter of the lyrics is lighter than the other songs.  One of the songs is quite unusual for me.  If you will allow me to put it rather bluntly, the song is basically about fucking.  So there you have it.  There must be millions of songs about fucking.  I generally avoid that well worn path in my lyrics.  But every rule has its exceptions.  I did give it a certain twist and you can find out what that twist is when I release the song.

Life is good.  I'm working on new music. 

One of the lovely advantages of not being famous is I don't fall prey to the problem of fans clamoring for their old favs while I try to force feed them newer material with which they are unfamiliar.  So I can do whatever the fuck I like . . .  and will.

One of the lovely advantages of not being signed to a label is there is no pressure on me to produce music that generates revenue and satiates a bunch of greedy bastards.  So I can do whatever the fuck I like . . . and will.

One of the lovely advantages of being a bit long in the tooth is I don't have to pretend I'm a hipster marching in cadence to the latest trends.  So I can do whatever the fuck I like . . . and will.

Meanwhile, I am rummaging through my ever growing stockpile of ideas and unreleased songs and pulling out what resonates with my current state of mind.  I have zero clue where it will end up.  But the sense of adventure and discovery is extremely exciting and basically what I live for (other than my wife/kids, people I care about). 

I trust that whatever you're doing this summer generates your own sense of adventure and discovery. 


Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I have not contracted World Cup fever. 


So we played a club called the Copper Door in OC last Friday night.  This is the story of how it went down from my perspective.  It was a strange gig and demonstrated how one evening can be full of ups and downs, and how things can feel like a complete train wreck one minute and then a glorious success the next. 

The club is nice.  Big room.  Lots of 20 and 30 somethings.  We are trying to grow our fan base, so situations like this are good opportunities. When I walked in, I thought this is going to be awesome.  We've been playing really well and I'm confident that we are a great band now.  We will kill tonight and make a lot of new fans. 

Then the first act started playing and my spirits went from the penthouse to the shit house.  It was crystal clear very quickly that the guys running sound didn't seem to have a clue what they were doing.  They were very nice guys and I'm sure they were trying and it was just a matter of inexperience.  Nonetheless, they were not able to do the things that pro sound guys would do to make a PA sound decent.  The two acts before us sounded like complete shit.  The vocals were hopelessly buried and eq'd improperly.  Nothing was balanced correctly.  It was louder than a fucking bombing raid.  To compound matters, the sound system was set up so the front of house mixing board was behind the front of house speakers.  There is no fucking way anyone can mix a band like that.  The sound guy and his buddy had to run back and forth from the board, which was next to the stage, to somewhere in front of the stage to listen and then back to the soundboard to guess at the adjustments.  As soon as I heard and saw what was going down, I knew we were in for a challenging evening. 

The gig had been set up by a young promoter someone connected us to after our last show in OC.  Matt talked to him and came away with the impression that he is just starting out.  I don't mean to be critical or complain.  These are all nice people and I think they were trying.   But I do want to vent a little bit because fuck it, there is so much ridiculous bullshit to overcome to advance even one inch in the world of music.  

The first two acts were performing on stage for the first time ever and it showed.  They seemed like talented guys and they were very nice guys, but came across like amateurs.  The band before us took fucking forever to move their gear off stage and they moved it to a location where it blocked off the steps to the stage from the side, thereby making it twice as difficult for us to get our stuff on stage.  One of them grabbed Matt's bass and put it with their stuff.  I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was an accident.  Matt, understandably, freaked out a bit when he couldn't find his bass.  

We finally got our gear on stage and Matt found his bass.  We set up and the fucking sound guy and his buddy were just sitting there in a daze.  I had wake them from their stupor to get us connected to the sound system and do a line check.  I said we have two outputs coming from a computer interface and the main sound guy looked at me like I was speaking Martian.  He didn't seem to understand how to set up our stuff.  I had to show him how to plug everything in and how to set it up on the mixing board.  Now, mind you, this is coming during the break between bands when most of you could give a shit about what we're doing and are far more preoccupied with enjoying the evening - as you should be.  But it took so fucking long for this dumbshit and his equally stupid friend to get us set up that the audience probably forgot there were bands there.  We finally got everything to the point where we could play and it was an hour after we were supposed to start. 

We started with some of the songs where I play acoustic - Leave Me Alone and Mother Nature.  Our friends in the audience said they could hear my vocals and with all the adjustments I had essentially forced the sound guy to make, it seemed like maybe we were okay.  But there was very little energy coming from the room.  The computer output, which plays our keyboard parts, was too low.  I couldn't hear the keys through the monitors and it seemed like little if anything was coming out of the PA.  It's not that big of a deal on those songs.   We can pull them off without the computer. 

The next song was In Your Head and the keys play a crucial role.  It has to be mixed correctly.  It's not hard to do if you know what the fuck you're doing.  I told the sound guys we need to hear the computer.  We started playing In Your Head.  And those fuckers turned up the computer so damn loud, people in the audience were literally covering their ears.   I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be on stage singing your ass off and putting every ounce of yourself into performing - only to see the people in the audience sticking their fucking fingers in their ears

As soon as the song ended, I was livid.  It's hard to explain how much effort and angst goes into making music and rehearsing and getting people to come out and see us and  trying to perform live and make it sound great at clubs.  It's really fucking hard.  It can be extremely rewarding, but takes incredible energy and perseverance.  And it takes balls to bare your soul in front of people and create a powerful, meaningful experience when you have little time to set up and the sound man could give a shit and you have no idea what it sounds like to the audience.  It's quite challenging.  Of course, when it sounds good and the energy is right and the crowd realizes something special is happening on stage, then it's all worth it.  But there are some basic, fundamental things that need to happen and one of them is the sound is mixed relatively well.  It's not that hard.  If one instrument is so fucking loud that it's drowning out jet airplanes landing at an airport 20 miles away, you probably ought to lower the level a bit. What a fucking shame.  In Your Head usually works really well live.  We usually get a great response and it's fun to play.  But when the synths are so loud that it sounds like a nuclear bomb exploding in an erupting volcano, there's no fucking way anyone could enjoy our performance.

In Your Head ended and I looked at the sound board to tell the sound guy to turn the fucking computer outputs down and he and his little stoner buddy were NOWHERE to be found.  I was like what the fuck is this.  I walked over to the soundboard to adjust the synth level.  This is not the way bands are supposed to perform.  The sound guy is supposed to run sound.  We, the band, don't do that during the show.  We are on stage in front of an audience.  We are supposed to play music and say witty things between the songs.  As I started moving the faders for the synth outs, literally guessing as to where they should be, some dude in a suit walked over and asked what he could do to help.  I asked who are you and where the fuck is the sound guy.  The guy said I'm the owner and I have no clue where the sound guy is.  But I will help you.  I said, great, these faders are for the synths.  It was too loud last song and needs to come down - but not too far because the audience needs to hear the synth. 

So I strapped on my Tele and we launched into the next song, Spiritual Mathematics.  Wouldn't you know it but the synth was at the right level, as far as I could tell from the stage.  The owner kept going back and forth from the soundboard to the audience and making adjustments.  It seemed to help.  I focused on performing.  The song sounded fine from stage.  The energy in the room started to pick up a bit.  We finished and I heard some clapping.   

We played Long Walk Short Pier.  A group of people gathered in front of the stage.  The energy picked up, especially during the bridge and then the guitar solo.  More applause.

We started Bad Wolf.  The energy picked up even more.  As I started singing the chorus, which has a strong hook, the group in front of the stage grew and I could see them really getting into it.  The applause was louder this time and I could see that the room, which is really big, was focusing on us and it wasn't just a bunch of people drinking beer with a band in the background.  We were now foreground. 

I switched from the Tele to my 335 and we played Follow Your Fever.  The whole room started grooving and I thought okay we are going to kill from here on in.  When the song ended, the applause was loud and enthusiastic.

The next song on the set list was They Are Here and You Are One of Them.  Before we could start, I had to adjust my guitar sound.  No big deal.  I normally just step on a few foot switches and I'm ready to go.  Takes all of a couple of seconds.  So, I clicked one of the foot switches on one of my pedals, the Delay Lab (really super awesome, high end, delay/modulation pedal), to activate the correct setting.  And the Delay Lab went FUCKING CRAZY.  Every LED started blinking and no sound came out.  I switched the power to my pedal board off and on to see if that would cause the Delay Lab to reboot.  No luck.  I quickly changed the routing on my pedal board to bypass the Delay Lab and essentially go from the loop before the Delay Lab directly into my amp (Vox AC-15).  That caused my amp to emit a horrible, loud, ugly buzz that no guitarist ever wants to hear.  I immediately switched the amp to bypass.  I made sure the cables were patched correctly and switched the amp out of standby.  Same horrible fucking noise. 

Why would high end, pro gear take a dump like that?  It probably had something to do with the power on my side of the stage coming solely from a consumer extension cord plugged into god knows where.  And the club had a bunch of lights on and near the stage, plus a giant industrial fan next to the stage.  I doubt the club has adequate power to handle all that draw.  I didn't see any evidence of the types of outlets and power you would expect to see in a proper situation.  

By the way, my gear was fine the next day when I tested it in an adequate power environment.  

So I turned off the amp and picked up my acoustic guitar.  

We played Better Feeling, which I normally play on electric.  In fact, I had never played it on acoustic before.  But no worries.   I know what the fuck I'm doing.  It sounded fine.  The equipment failure caused at least a five minute delay, which is way too long of a break between songs and the energy in the room had dropped significantly.  But the energy actually picked up again during Better Feeling.  Big applause when we finished.

At that point, though, my brain was about to snap.  I guess we could have done more songs with the acoustic.  But that would have required another delay to figure out which songs to play and, if necessary, get the right songs loaded in the computer.  I had had enough.  I said to Matt and Dave - we're done.  I went to the mic and thanked the audience.  Show over. 

A number of people said nice things to me as we got our gear off stage.  People took CDs and left email addresses, even though I hadn't said a word about CDs or the email list. 

I looked for the club owner to thank him, but he had disappeared.  The sound guys were nowhere to be found, which was probably a good thing for them because they might not have been thrilled with my assessment of their efforts. 

I loaded up my car and headed up the 5 freeway to make the long trek back to South Pas.  I got home pretty late and ate a little food and drank a glass of water.  When my head hit the pillow, I didn't know what to think.  I fell asleep confused.    

So was the evening a success or was it a failure?

You tell me. 

Vent complete.  I love you.  

I suppose the title of this little blog could refer to my head, but I'm actually talking about guitars.  I love my Epiphone 335.  For years, I used my vintage Yamaha SG1500 with DiMarzio pick ups (AKA the Beast) and my American made Tele.  I finally got a semi-hollow body electric - the 335 - last year and it's really grown on me.  I'm using it more and more on recordings.  I'm now using the 335 live for songs that need a humbucker sound and the Tele for the songs that need a single coil tone.  I've been leaving the Beast at home because it's too valuable to risk getting banged up.  Plus it weighs a fucking ton and kills my shoulder.  Anyway, the 335 has a beautiful warm, rich, distinctive tone.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of it on the next record.

Here's the 335:



Here's the Beast:



And here's the Tele:


Wrote a new song called All Is Lost.  Acoustic guitar song.  Kind of sounds like Paul Simon.  It probably needs a bridge before it's truly finished. 

I go through stretches where I don't feel so creative and life gets in the way of writing.  And then boom it comes out of me. 

I would love to write uplifting, happy, positive, love songs.  Almost every time I try to do that, I fail miserably.  I've managed a few decent happy songs like Better Feeling.  But it's very much the exception and not the rule. 

Whereas I easily find words and things to say when I tap in the dark, evil side of myself.  I have long thought that songwriting allows me to be happy by giving the unhappy stuff inside me a place to go.  I doubt it's that simple.  Nothing ever is.    

Get Rid Of Guns


We are playing June 20 in Santa Ana at the Copper Door.  We haven't played there before.  Looks like a nice club on its website.  Nice Yelp reviews.  Hopefully there are some folks there who are up for some different music. 

Brahms' Third Racket has a facebook page.  Check it out if you're into facebook.  i posted some photos from our last few gigs on the fb page. 

I also set up a myspace page for Brahms' Third Racket.  Not much action on myspace these days.  That's too bad.  It's a good place to check out different bands.  Much better than fb when it comes to music.

The best place in my opinion to listen to B3R, Wish, and Veneer is at Bandcamp. 

I have released 14 full length records of original material in the last 20 years.  They're all on this website as well as two unreleased albums of original material.  That's a lot of output for someone who works full time in a demanding job as a lawyer and is a devoted family man.  I'm proud of all the songs and would put the best ones up against just about any artist. 

I'm a huge Laker fan and have been my whole life.  These are tough times for the Lake Show.

I have to get up early tomorrow to be in court at 8:30.  Fuck me.  I'm not a morning person. 

Like anyone else, I have a ton of thoughts about a whole host of different things.  I'm going to unload some of those thoughts in a blog.  I have no clue how anyone is going to react.  I suspect some of my opinions will probably piss off some people.  Sorry.  Maybe it will inspire a productive discussion.  Anyway, I hope it makes my music more interesting to you.  I'll try to give you some insight into what I'm thinking about when I'm creating.  People tell me my music is an acquired taste.  Perhaps a bit of blogging will help listeners acquire the taste.

B3R's new record Out of Order is done.  You can listen and download HERE!

On Feb 21 at 10:30 pm, B3R brings it traveling aural circus to Rustys Surf Ranch at the Santa Monica Pier.  Hope to see you there.

Providing further proof that change remains the only constant . . .

On Thursday December 19, B3R is playing at 8 pm at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa.

On Friday December 20, B3R is playing at 9 pm at Rustys Surf Ranch in Santa Monica.

Lost Dog Records has released a second B3R album entitled All of the Above.  It is 14 song compilation of material that B3R plays live.  You can hear/obtain it HERE. 

These songs are culled from B3R’s first record Strings Attached and a number of Wishnefsky solo records (Sunlight Disinfectant, Fiasco – Book One, Nightwalker, Idiot Proof). This is not the complete collection of songs B3R might play live. They have been known to play new unreleased material, older Wishnefsky material, and even a few songs from Wish and Dave’s old band Jabberwock. B3R does not repeat the same set. They keep it fresh, kind of like the mints in the bowl at the reception desk of a nice hotel.

The idea here is to make it easier for you (listener, fan, music enthusiast, glutton for punishment) to become familiar with some of the material B3R might play for you at one of their performances.

Friday November 22 at 8:45 pm --  Molly Malones, Los Angeles

Thursday December 19 at 8:30 pm --  Tiki Bar, Costa Mesa

Friday December 20 at 10:30 pm – Rustys Surf Ranch, Santa Monica Pier

Each show will be different and feature varied set lists of B3R and Wishnefsky material.  We hope to see you there.

Brahms’ Third Racket is playing Saturday, November 2 at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa , California.  Festivities commence at 8 pm.

Hope to see you there.

Brahms' Third Racket is the latest vehicle for Wishnefsky’s music.  This time around, it is his great fortune to be joined by R. Matthew Carroll on bass and David Rodgers on drums. 

In case you’re wondering where in the world Brahm’s Third Racket originated, look here.

BTR's first release is entitled Strings Attached.  You may download it FOR FREE right HERE

BTR is performing August 23, 2013, at 11:30 pm at Rustys at the Santa Monica Pier.

More info about BTR and the new record in the Bio section.

R.Matt, Dave, and Wish are playing July 5 at Rustys in Santa Monica.  Festivities commence at 11:30 pm.

Hope to see you there.


The incomparable Michael James is mixing the next record.  Sounds really darn amazing so far.  Excited about unleashing these tunes in the near future.


A fair bit of Wishnefsky news will be heading your way in the near future.  Here's a little preview of coming attractions.

1) There has been a delay in mixing the next Wishnefsky record.  But it will be done soon and it is REALLY FUCKING GOOD.  I'm dying to release the songs.  They have been written and recorded for a quite some time.  They need to be mixed and mastered.  Michael James will be doing that and we are waiting for him to finish some other projects and then we will be off and running.

2) I may release the next album under a new band name.  The record sounds a bit different than the usual Wishnefsky stuff.  It is more acoustic and organic.  It stands quite well on its own -- apart and separate from my other work.  Hence, it deserves its own title.  Whatever name is used, it will be released by Lost Dog Records and available at all the usual places where you find Wishnefsky music. 

3) Another reason for the delay in getting the next record released is Michael and I have been working two other projects: his brilliant solo instrumental record AND, shhhhh, please don't tell anyone, but he and I are now in a new band with some amazing musical heavy hitters.  You will be hearing much more about this soon.  Mum's the word.   

4) My former Jabberwock bandmate and artist extraordinaire Todd Jameson has created the cover artwork for the long overdue formal release of the Jabberwock record Her Faithful Battalions.  The cover is FUCKING AMAZING.  Sorry but, unfortunately, Jabberwock is neither reforming nor going on a reunion tour or anything of the such.  Her Faithful Battalions has long been available to listen to on the Wishnefsky website.  When it is formally released, you will be able to download, stream, and get your grubby little paws on this music. 

5) While he's back in the fold so to speak, I'm thrilled to announce that Todd is helping with the graphic design for the next Wishnefsky (or whatever we end up calling it) record.  Todd's graphics will be placed over a killer photo taken by Ed Nahin.  Again, I can't wait for this stuff to come out because it's amazing. 

6) Dave, R. Matt, and I are scheduling some gigs in the LA area.  We will be playing many of the new songs and, just for good measure, a few old Jabberwock tunes (Our Blessed Isabella and Empty).  Moreover, we are supplementing our repertoire with even more Wishnefsky songs from my solo work.  I'm blessed to have written a large number of songs in my life and many of them work fantastically well with this live line up.   

That's all for today.  Stay tuned.  Happy M Day.  Love you. 

I hope you had a safe and happy new year.  I'm nearing completion on the next record which is tentatively titled Strings Attached.  The songs were all written on acoustic guitar and have a much more organic feel than any of my solo records.  Some of the songs have been around for a while and were simply waiting for a home, whereas a number of the songs are brand spanking new. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge in making this record is figuring out which songs to keep and which to toss back in the stockpile.  I keep hearing the album format is dying and people only listen to individual songs which they place in their playlist or whatever.  That's fine except I do love the album format, having grown up with it.  I love when artists place songs together which are related to each other in some sort of fashion and make an artistic statement collectively above and beyond the individual songs on their own.  I enjoy the dynamics of an interesting song order and taking a journey plotted in advance and scouted out by the artist him/herself for the enjoyment of the audience.  I try to do that with my records.  I hope that the folks who listen to my music enjoy taking that journey and maybe even notice the little threads that adhere the songs to each other.  

And it's completely fine if people want to create their own playlists.  It's their ears and their time.  Why suffer through songs you don't like when you can put all your favs in one place or program a group of songs to match or create a certain mood.  Be your own DJ.  There is nothing wrong with that. 

But some albums are very much worth listening to in sequence and some songs make far more sense and have more power in an album context.  Sargent Pepper, for example, contains brilliant songs which very much stand on their own.  But they pack an extra punch in proper sequence and context. 

Some albums, namely concept albums, can magnify the context effect.  The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, the last Genesis record with Peter Gabriel and easily one of the greatest records ever, is an excellent example of using context and dynamics to enhance the emotional impact of the songs.   

Anyway, the new record is definitely not a concept album, but there are some lyrical threads that run through the songs.  For example, the songs delve more into interpersonal relationship and intimacy topics way more than usual for a Wishnefsky record.  The context of the relationships I describe does resemble the more typical Wishnefsky fare.  For example, one of the songs concerns a young revolutionary minded person who joins the occupy movement only to find himself occupied with thoughts of his lover who he left to run off with a mob of protesters. 

I think I have the cover.  My step-father Ed Nahin is a renowned, award winning photographer.  He has graciously allowed me to use his photos on many of my records.  Ed and my mom live in a beautiful house in the Eastern Sierras.  They have this incredible living room which has a creek pumped into in it.  I call the room the Bat Cave because of the high ceiling and relatively dark decor.  My parents are nice enough to let me set up my studio in the room whenever I go up there.  It's a large room and I set up in the section of the room that serves as a dining room.  It is next to a sliding glass door with a view of the Sierras.   It's incredibly beautiful.  I have written and recorded a lot of my best songs in that room.  Much of the new album was recorded there.  i could probably stay in the Bat Cave for months at a time if they would let me.

I digress.  My wife, daughters, and I were up there the week of new years day.  My family is always kind enough to allow me the time and freedom to indulge in my pathological music obsession.  They know it makes me happy and sane.  

While we were there, I asked Ed if he had a photo that I could use for the cover of the new record.  We spent a long time going through a lot of his photos.  Ed does a lot of nature and wildlife photography.  All of his work is gorgeous and amazing.  Most of it, however, doesn't necessarily fit the darker tone of my music.  We actually struck out the first session we spent searching his photos.  I woke up the next morning and as soon as I emerged out of my bedroom, Ed grabbed me and said my mom came up with a brilliant idea and he had worked on it.  He showed me various versions of a photo of a vulture perched on a branch and extending one of his wings.  Ominous clouds form the background.  It's a brilliant photo in its original form, but Ed tried various manipulations in photoshop and other editing apps.  I haven't decided which specific version I like best, but it's pretty much a lock I will use the vulture photo.

The funny thing is that one of the songs on the record has some lines that could be the caption for the photo and I didn't even realize this until a few days after Ed gave me the photo.  The song is called (I think - my song titles like to change) Wrap Yourself.  The lines go:

"Fear buzzes by me with shimmering wings - And a strange bird above me starts to sing"      

Well, I hope to have new songs ready for you in the near future.  I'm curious to see how people respond.  Don't be fooled by the vulture and dark references.  The album has a warmth to it and I'm very proud of the songs.  Some of them are pretty stripped down with acoustic guitar and vocal and not much else.  The songs with more instrumentation have less information than the usual Wishnefsky stuff.  There is very little synth.  It's basically a furry aural blanket that you can wrap around your ears to heat up your shivering spirit.

Stay warm.  It's pretty cold out there. 

Hello and happy holidays!

We're playing our Last Wishes For 2012 show at Rustys in Santa Monica tomorrow night at 11 pm. 

Dave, R. Matt, and I will be joined by guest guitarist extraordinaire Todd Feinman for a few songs. 

We're really looking forward to tomorrow night.  See you then.

Warm holiday wishes to you and your family. 

A few small gifts for you are below. 

See you Dec 28 at Rustys in Santa Monica.


Here are a few songs from our December 17 show at Skinnys in North Hollywood: 


Monday night we are playing at Skinny’s Lounge located at 4923 Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood.  We start at 8:45 pm.

On December 28 we play at Rusty’s Surf Ranch at the Santa Monica Pier.

I hope you can join us.  We will be unveiling some new songs and revisiting familiar favorites. 

The Wishnefsky team is extremely saddened by the tragic events in Connecticut yesterday.   Dave, Matt, and I send our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.  I keep wondering when we are going to wake up and make significant changes to the law so we can move forward as a civilized society that values lives greater than the profits of the gun manufacturing industry.  It is far too easy to get guns and far too difficult to get mental health care in this violence obsessed country.  We need to make serious noise with those who we have elected in order to motivate them to give the middle finger to the NRA and all the nutjobs who stupidly believe the 2nd Amendment gives every idiot an absolute constitutional right to carry weapons of mass destruction.  I do not believe for one second that the framers of the constitution intended the law to allow the abundance of gun violence that happens with alarming frequency.  Adams, Jefferson, et al would be appalled by the deaths that took place yesterday and the epidemic of gun violence in the US.

I presume you are all happily chasing down pumpkins, yams, and fleeing turkeys, as you prepare for another Thanksgiving with family, friends, and loved ones.  You might want to give extra thanks this year because, according to the ancient Mayans, the world is ending quite soon.  (For many turkeys, the world is ending even sooner.)

And since we’d love to spend our last precious moments of existence with you, ushering in the conclusion of the universe and reality as we know it with a musical bang of harmonic convergence, we have set some End of the World performances:

December 17 @ 8:30 pm - Skinnys Lounge (4923 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood)

December 28 @ 11:30 pm - Rustys Surf Ranch (Santa Monica Pier)

As usual, I will be joined by drummer extraordinaire David Rodgers and bassist supreme R. Matthew Carroll. 

I am informed and advised that R. Matthew’s office will once again employ the services of a party limo to make the trek from OC to Skinnys on Dec 17.  If you enjoy the company of happily inebriated nurses, you might not want to miss this show. 

If you like our music, please spread the word.  Like us on Facebook and Bandcamp.  Follow us on Twitter.  We love you and appreciate your support.



We are proud to announce the release of Wishnefsky's 7th solo album: Sunlight Disinfectant.

You can listen to it RIGHT HERE.

These are the songs:

1. Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant

2. Elephant In The Room

3. And The Bull Lies Down On Wall Street

4. Spiritual Mathematics

5. Arbitrage For Dummies

6. Wagon Circle Thievery Dirge

7. Firewall

8. Uncontrollable Urge

9. Humanity Progresses At The Speed Of A Glacier, And, Like A Glacier, Crushes Everything In Its Path

10. Home

11. I Evade You




Thanks to everyone who came to see us play last night in Santa Monica.  We had a great time.

Here are a few vids taken by fans last night.

Stay tuned for news regarding future gigs. 

We are playing next Saturday night - September 22 - at Rusty’s on Santa Monica Pier.  We start at 11:45.  See you there. 

Look out for the Giant Squid.

Michael James and I are done mixing the next Wishnefsky record.  It sounds really really great.  Next step is mastering and then you can hear the new stuff. 

I’m still toying around with titles for the record.  Current candidates include Glacier, Evasion, Arbitrage Cabaret, and The Bull Lies Down On Wall Street.  You’ll be the first to know.  For some maddening reason, it feels like I’ll be the last to find out.

On Saturday, September 22, we are playing at Rusty’s Surf Ranch on Santa Monica Pier.  We start at 11:45 pm.  That may be a little past your bedtime, but you should know by now that Wishnefsky is best experienced in the dark reaches of the shadowy after-hours.  Guest appearance by the Giant Squid that haunts the bay.  That big old slimy sea creature plays mean percussion, which is not surprising if you stop and think about it: a mallet in each tentacle.  Serious squid-like syncopation.  Highlight of the show may be the duet drum solo with Dave Rodgers and Squid. 

We are planning a super special record-release showcase extravaganza.  Wishnefsky mailing list members will receive advance invitations featuring unique packages not available to the outside world.  Stay tuned for more info.

In other news, Dave has fully recovered from his hernia surgery and is now ready to start whacking the skins at maximum velocity.  Out of respect for Dave’s privacy, I won’t reveal exactly how he injured himself; but let’s just say early rehearsals with the Squid didn’t exactly go as smoothly as planned. 

Hello Sports Fans,

Michael James and I have been working hard mixing the next Wishnefsky record.  The songs sound amazing and I’m excited about getting some finished product out there.

They say every picture tells a story and here is the story of the first day of mixing last week:


First of all, Mike feels strongly about the songs.




Of course, he didn’t anticipate that I would catch him phoning it in.




I’d say Mike has mixing wired.




I had to punch in some keyboard parts and, of course, I just plain nailed it.




In the meantime, Mike got hammered.




Mike let me play his Dobro.  Notice the custom Mesa amps behind me.  Mike is sponsored by Mesa and has all sorts of ridiculous amps.  I hate Mike. 




I’m not saying that mixing will make one completely insane.




But it can get a bit scary.




Nonetheless, all’s well ends well.




Just ask the devil dog Ashie.




Or the Rubinator.




Or Soph the birthday girl.




I’m totally serious.



Cheers, W

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're surviving the gold medal winning heat wave.  Here's a quick Wishnefsky update for you.

Next week the amazing Michael James and I will complete mixing the next Wishnefsky record.  As usual, MJ gets the credit for anything that sounds great and I bear full culpability for anything that causes your eardrums to bleed.

I'm very excited about the new material.  I have been working on this batch of tunes for a while and hopefully they have fermented sufficiently to taste exquisite and inspire a pleasant little buzz.

The current working title for the new record is Mind The Gap. 

We played a few of the new tunes at the Skinny's gig in June:  Sunlight Disinfectant and I Evade You.  We will be working more of the new songs into our ever-evolving set list.

Speaking of which, we are setting up some more gigs in the LA/OC area. 

We are also planning a very special record release – showcase performance. 

Stay tuned for dates, details, etc. 

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the phantastic blog The Peverett Phile.  You can read the interview here

In other news . . .

Dave's uplifting drumming finally caught up with his body and he recently had hernia surgery from which he is recovering and doubtlessly driving those around him crazy since he can't bang on the drums for a while.  He promises to come back twice as strong and not lift anything over 6 ounces without first bending his knees.  Please feel free to conjure your most potent get well wishes for Dave.

Lastly, and certainly not leastly, Matt and Mary Ann's son Oliver celebrated his second birthday.  So, he's well on his way to matching his bass-playing, cancer-curing father's maturity level.  Just kidding.  He's already there.  Ha ha.  Happy birthday Oliver.   

Love and sun block,


On June 11, I played live officially for the first time since Jabberwock broke up back in the middle ages.   I was lucky enough to be joined by my longtime co-conspirator David Rodgers on drums and my supremely skilled cousin R. Matthew Carroll on bass and vocals.  On one song (In Your Head), the talented and lovely Mary Ann Pelino sang back up vocals.  We played at a little club called Skinny's Lounge in North Hollywood.  The gig went well and we had a blast. 

I'm playing live again because Matt essentially talked me into it.  When Jabberwock broke up, I soured on the idea of playing live and became a musical recluse, ensconced in my tiny studio where I rule as the supreme dictator and cater to no one's whim but my own.  However, it turns out I enjoy strapping on an electrified instrument that makes a horrifically loud noise and I enjoy even more singing, screaming, whispering, and emitting sounds of a musical nature into a microphone, all while accompanied by Dave's propulsive, stick-enticed, drumming, and Matt's bottom-end grabbing, groovacious, lower rumbling.

Some videos of a few songs are posted on the Wishnefsky youtube page.

Next week I'm off to the UK for a family trip.  No gigs are set up -- BUT, if you live in London or Edinburgh and have an acoustic guitar or piano, I would be more than happy to drop by, say hello, deliver some signed CDs, and play some songs, schedule permitting.

I'm renting a car for the journey from London to Scotland.  I've never driven on the left side of the road before (well, never legally).  If you find yourself on the road in the UK and see me coming, get the hell out of the way because I cannot promise or guarantee your safety.  A crash helmet, ejector seat, and parachute are advised. 


Hello Everyone,

I hope you're well and preparing for summer.  For some reason that reminds me to buy stock in Coppertone since it looks like global warming is here to stay.

Here's what's up in the world of Wishnefsky. 

First, I've written and recorded a whole bunch of new tunes.  It started out with a few songs that I thought would make a nice EP, but that blossomed into a group of songs that started to sound like a bona fide record and then I realized I was writing two different albums simultaneously, which inspired me to write some more new songs.  And then it became a bit confusing since I might actually have three records in the oven at one time. 

Don't worry.  I'll figure it out. 

For now, suffice it to say that new material is coming and I hope you eventually enjoy listening to it as much as I am enjoying the process of writing and recording it.

In other news, I have been rehearsing Wishnefsky tunes with my old friend Dave Rodgers (the drummer in Jabberwock) and my cousin Matt Carroll (great bass player).  Inasmuch as it is sounds really damn good, we are going to set up some gigs.

Because I'm not really interested in something ordinary, we have started working on visuals to go with the live show.  The plan is to play some basic club gigs sans visuals to get our feet wet sonically and then set up a showcase with the visuals. 

We'll see how it goes.  It's difficult to predict how this stuff will work out, but we intend to blow your socks off. 

Stay tuned.



Hello Everyone,

If you live in California, I hope you survived the vicious, howling Santa Ana winds that uprooted trees, downed power lines, and blew away leaves, twigs, branches, and, thankfully, the smog.

Anyway, I have new music for you by my side project Veneer.   Veneer generally plays the music I write on the piano and it's more melodic and less edgy than the Wishnefsky solo records. 

The new Veneer record is called Songs About Gardening. 

You can get it for free here.

p.s. Padded Sell Collection is getting play on about 300 radio stations in the US.  I won't stop you if you want to call up and request your fav Wish song. 

Happy Palindrone Day!

We are now affiliated with Tinderbox Music, which is promoting the latest Wishnefsky release, Padded Sell Collection, to radio stations nationwide and licensing Wishnefsky songs to various TV networks.  The folks at Tinderbox are knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, and just plain nice.  We're happy to have them on our team.

Before I get to music news, a brief note on the revolution. 

It has started.   

I really hope we see some meaningful change.  The uber-wealthy who control the government and the economy can rape the rest of us for only so long.  We outnumber them.

And now for some far less important news.

It has been quite some time since I have played my music in a live setting.  I have been content to remain somewhat hermit-like, ensconced in my musical bunker, cranking out songs, and occasionally sharing them with the rest of the world.  However, two things happened this year that convinced me it might be time to start playing live again. 

First, I went to Coachella in April and saw some bands who incorporated computers into their show and pulled it off.  Much of my stronger solo material involves layers and atmospheres that would be difficult to recreate with a band.  I set the bar very high for myself and, in a live setting, I only want to present music that is creative, different, worthwhile, and representative of my records.  Seeing bands such as Phantogram and Animal Collective at Coachella made me realize that I could pull off Wishnefsky live with the help of computers.

Second, my cousin R. Matt Carroll started bugging me to get together and play.  Matt is a very talented musician and, due to having wasted many hours torturing himself with my music, he has a perfect feel for my material.  Since we're cousins and get along quite well, doing music with him is easy and comfortable.  It helps that Matt is off the charts intelligent and has great patience with idiots like me.  In case you think I'm full of shit, Matt is a physician and one of the leading oncologists in So Cal.  So, not only is he the kick ass bassist in Wishnefsky, but he's going to discover a cure for cancer. 

Here's Matt and my daughter Sophie earlier this year before heading out the door to Coachella (notice Matt's wristband):


Matt and I have enlisted the services of my long time friend and co-conspirator, David Rodgers - the amazing drummer in my old band Jabberwock.

Speaking of Jabberwock.  Here we are back in the day.  Dave is in the middle.  I'm on the right (with a full head of hair, he sighed).  Todd Jameson is on the left.  No clue where Todd's shoes are.   


That photo was taken at our old house in Pasadena and it reminds me of when Sophie was 4 years old and painted an elaborate mural on that wall in vivid colors while our former nanny was supposedly watching her.  I was very proud of Sophie's initiative and artistic eye -- and wanted to strangle her (and the nanny) at the same time. 

Anyway, returning to the present day, Matt, Dave, and I have been working up songs with the assistance of my macbookpro and there is a distinct possibility we will set up some shows at some point in the relatively near future.  In case you're curious, we are working on In Your Head, Setting Sun, Night Will Fall, Ghost of Brookside Drive, Frankenstein, Pocket Liner, Body Without A Soul, Your Husband The Fool, Get It Over With, Bank of Jerusalem, A Happy Funeral, Isn't It Time, Come To Me (Reprise), and You'll Never Work In This Town Again.

Hello Everyone,

I trust you're doing fine.  Because I believe revolution is just around the corner, I figure it's a good time to package up my fav tunes from my last three albums into a neatly wrapped musical concoction which I call Padded Sell Collection.

It features 15 songs carefully culled from Nightwalker, Fiasco - Book One, and Fiasco - Book Two.

Because I love you, I have remastered some of the songs and even gave In Your Head a haircut by cropping the end section (get it - "head" - "haircut" - I know, I'm sorry).

Because I love you even more, you may obtain Padded Sell Collection FOR NOTHING.  Or, if you prefer, you may pay in an amount of your choosing.

Either way, it's pure love and here's the link:  Padded Sell Collection.

So, I will now sneak back into my bunker and batten the hatches until the revolution starts, which, in case you're wondering, ought to be in about an hour.  So have a listen and change the world.  I'm depending on you.

All the best, W

It's done and being released on Bastille Day.

The cover is another great photo by award winning photographer Ed Nahin:


I trust 2011 finds you happy as a clam that successfully avoided the chowder.

Here’s the latest news on the Wishnefsky front:

Fiasco (Book Two) is nearly done.  I have finished a fair number of songs for Book Two.  I’m not sure each and every one of them belongs on the same record.  I’m trying to decide which ones deserve to go outside and play, and which ones deserve to be sent up their rooms without dinner.  I hope to finish that process soon and then I’ll start bugging Michael James to find time to mix.

Most of the songs for Book Two have been around for a while and have evolved from tiny little songlets floating in the primordial soup into giant, hulking musical monstrosities gallivanting about the dry land, choking on the air and looking for something sweet to devour.  My lifestyle allows me the luxury of waiting on songs if I so choose and, in this case, I did so choose.  So, to my ears, Book Two sounds more developed than Book One.  I hope that eventually makes listening to it an enjoyable experience for you.

I’m proud to announce that my lovely daughter Sophie sings on one of the new songs, which is entitled Rabbit Hole and concerns a certain ex-governor of Alaska.

I’m equally proud to announce that my other lovely daughter Ruby wrote most of the music for a new song called So Long.  It will be on the next Veneer record.

Speaking of my girls, here they are at the Harry Potter theme park in Florida.  They're drinking butterbeer, which is non-alcoholic, extremely sugary, and foul tasting.




I haven’t decided on the cover artwork yet for Book Two, but am strongly considering an amazing photograph of two polar bears standing face to face like two humongous albino New York cab drivers, screaming at each other in their best Sid Vicious imitations.  My soon-to-be 80 year old step father Ed Nahin, who also happens to be a world class photographer, took the photo during a recent excursion to the Arctic Circle.  He took the cover photograph for Book One in the Antarctic Circle.  Might as well span the globe with the covers for Fiasco.

If you like my music, please tell your friends and spread the word.  I appreciate your support. 

Love, crackers, and ice,


Fiasco - Book One



Hello Everyone,


Hope you're doing well and enjoying a colorful fall.  It's been a while since I last wrote and it's because I've been a busy little bee buzzing about the hive.


Michael James and I have started mixing the next Wishnefsky record which is called Fiasco and a double album.  I expect to release Fiasco - Book One in the near future; Fiasco - Book Two to come fairly quickly thereafter.


I'm biased, but Fiasco is really good and I suspect Wishnefsky fans will be blown away.  Perhaps some new fans will join the ranks.


Fiasco - Book One song titles:


In Your Head

The Ghost of Brookside Drive

Completely Fucked Up


You'll Never Work In This Town Again

Saved By Tomorrow

Total Isolation

Brain in A Vat



Love and Kisses,



. . .  to an interview with Wishnefsky.

Veneer is back.  I have revived the band that plays my piano based songs.  

I have uploaded rough mixes of 4 new songs from the upcoming Veneer album Songs About Gardening:

Mr. Cullen Does What He Wants To
We Are The Bitch Brigade
Down The Garden Path
I Am Watching

Bitch, Garden, and Watching feature lovely guitar solos by Michael James.

The lyrics for Watching were derived from a poem written by my daughter Sophie about the book The Lovely Bones.

The rest of the songs are, as usual, based on true events involving untrue people.

I hope you enjoy digging around in my musical garden.


I have finished a new record called Nightwalker.  Michael James mixed it and played guitar on all songs with the word "sun" in the title.   Ed Nahin took the cover photograph.


It's available at http://wishnefsky.bandcamp.com/


You can pay what you want for it.  So it's free if you like.  


It's really great and I hope you enjoy it.


Love, W

I just posted 6 songs at www.myspace.com/wishnefsky from the new record which is entitled Nightwalker.  No, it is not an album about prostitutes, though it does concern certain things that go bump in the night.   Waking at dusk and sleeping at dawn, this album embarks on a moonlight boondoggle that beckons the monsters hiding under the bed and haunting your dreams.  The night makes a convenient metaphor for the dark reaches of the mind and the primordial fears that rise like luminous stinging jellyfish from the murky depths of the subconscious.

Or so it seems.

I wrote, performed, and produced Nightwalker at my home studio in lovely South Pasadena, California.  The supremely talented Michael James mixed and mastered the record at his insanely amazing studio.  And, being a warm shining person, he also contributed electric guitar parts to all songs on the record that contain the word "sun" in the title.

The entire record will be available online very very soon.  Details to follow.  Stay tuned.

And now back to the darkness of the wee hours . . . 



Hello everyone,


I'm sure you're aware of the terrible tragedy in Haiti.  For two weeks starting January 25, CD Baby will donate $1 toward Haitian earthquake relief for every CD and album download sold. 


So please go to CDBaby.com and support the Haiti relief effort. 


If you purchase one of my records from CD Baby or http://wishnefsky.bandcamp.com (where you can download better quality files), I will donate an additional $1 for Haiti relief.


Please don't feel obligated to buy my music.  But do consider donating something in one form or another to support the relief effort.  There are numerous worthy charitable organizations out there that deserve our help, such as the American Red Cross and the Mercy Corps.





Happy holidays!  We're basking in the warm glow of beautiful weather here in LA.  I trust you avoided Santa's naughty list this year and if not, well, hopefully you didn't cause too much collateral damage.  

The next Wishnefsky record, Nightwatch, is about to be mastered.  We will release it as soon as the mastering is done.  It sounds great and I'm excited to find out what you all think.

In the meantime, I have been hunkered down writing new material for my piano-based band Veneer.  I have pretty much ignored Veneer since releasing On That Note about two years ago.  After three Wishnefsky records, it felt right to sit down at the piano and start banging away.  The working title for the next Veneer album is Songs About Gardening.  New songs include Uplifting Downfall, Bitch Brigade, Incoming, Motor Mouth, Young Radish, and Watching (which is my favorite because my daughter Sophie wrote the lyrics and they're really amazing).  Unlike On That Note, the new Veneer material features a fair amount of guitar. 

For the past few days, I've been enjoying quiet family time and got to see my daughters perform on Christmas Eve at the Dorothy Chandler on national TV (Ruby with her orchestra and Ruby/Sophie with the Colburn Children's Choir).  They were great and I'm proud.

All the best to you and your family,


Hello, Long time no blog. Hope you’re doing well and, if you live in the US, enjoying your Thanksgiving. I send many heartfelt thanks to everyone. A few updates and rambles: Michael James has finished mixing my new record, which is called Nightwalker. I will post songs as soon as mastering is completed. I am VERY HAPPY with this record. MJ did a great job. The songs are very strong. I think you will love them. My shoulder is around 80% and getting stronger. The doc says it will be another six months before it feels perfectly normal. Six months! What a long and grueling process. At the moment, I’m with family up at my parents' house in the Sierras. After working my tail off making this record and doing my, ahem, other occupation, I’m ready for a relaxing break. The weather is clear and crisp. The air is dry. My wife and mother are gossiping away. Deep breaths are key. I’ve started on the next record. Tentative working title: Fiasco. I start a new record by taking inventory of my ever-growing stock of song ideas and compiling the ideas that seem to have something in common. I start playing with them, mixing and matching, tweaking and tinkering, blowing up the laboratory, rebuilding it. Certain ideas resonate and songs develop. Lyrical concept arise and guide my decision-making. I think of albums as movies and the songs as scenes. My writing flows more freely with context. I’ve heard the album is going the way of the horse and buggy. My kids rarely download albums. Instead, they devise playlists that match their hyperactive lifestyles and the musical flavor of the moment. What a shame they don’t have the time or inclination to sit down in a dark room, drop the needle on an album, and become completely immersed in the experience of listening. I’d like to say I’m old school in this regard, except 1) listening to albums is a fairly recent phenomenon in the history of music, and 2) I’m neither old nor in school. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter to me if people listen to albums anymore. I write music for myself. I create groups of songs that make sense when listened to in a particular order. But my songs also hold up as individual pieces. One of the amazing things about recorded music is that the listener can control and manipulate the experience to suit their own purposes. So what are your nefarious purposes? Not sure I want to know. Incidentally, if you are on myspace and send me a “do u like me?” comment, the answer, with all due respect, is “no.” Please. I’ve yet to receive one of those comments from someone who doesn’t look like the next in line at the electroshock treatment center. In the meantime, I wish you and your family the very best and I truly hope you have countless joys in your life for which you are humbly thankful. Wishnefsky
Hello – I hope you’re well and enjoying a richly deserved three-day weekend if you live in the US. I’m currently enjoying breathable air in the Eastern Sierras and resting up after a crazy creative burst that resulted in another album a bit quicker than anticipated. “Breathable air?” you ask. I live in the LA area and the horrific Station Fire has saturated the air with smoke, ashes, and nasty little particles of burnt forest. Combine that the usual smog, haze, and floating crud, et voila! Unbreathable air. So we threw down our oxygen masks and got out of town. Why would anyone want to set a fire that destroys millions of dollars of physical objects and priceless dreams and memories? What drives someone to have an irresistible need to burn things? Does it symbolize the destruction of the psychological traumas that grow like dry weeds in the cracks of the subconscious? Do the rising flames represent the frustrations of living in a world of broken promises and abuse? All I know is that these fires bring nothing but ashes and sadness. “Another album?” you ask. Well, yes. Just as I have no clue why someone would start a fire in the Angeles National Forest, I have no idea why I am driven to keep writing, but songs just keep coming and I feel compelled to record them and put them out there. About a month ago, I sat down to play with some bits and pieces of songs and BOOM! The floodgates opened up. Anyway, the next record is called Nightwalker and it’s somewhat of a concept album. Here are the song titles: 1. Night Will Fall 2. Setting Sun 3. Afraid of the Dark 4. Speak to Me 5. Evil Circus Clown 6. Nervous Time 7. Dreamfalling 8. The Nightwalker Comes . . . 9. . . . Under Cover of Darkness 10. Rising Sun It is my great honor and privilege to announce that Michael James will mix again. We’re in the process of scheduling time for that to happen. I look forward to springing the new stuff on you. It’s easily the best work I’ve ever done. Love and no smoke, W
Here’s a quick update on all things Wishnefsky. First, my bout with Typhus ended with medical science trumping the little micro-motha. I feel perfectly normal (well, normal for me). I have a newfound appreciation for energy. Second, I’m deep into the next record. I think I’m going to call it Nightwalker because the songs all take place during the hours between dusk and dawn when the ghosts, drunkards, creatures of the dark, and other mysterious things creep out from under your bed to play in your dreams. Some of the working song titles: Night Will Fall Speak to Me (alternate title: Speak of the Devil) Afraid of the Dark Setting Sun Evil Circus Clown Nervous Time The new tunes are a mixture of electronica and organic sounds. I’m very happy with the way everything sounds. The songs are mucho powerful and something about them reaches inside me and yanks the strings holding my soul or whatever is down there. I never feel like my songs originate in me; rather, I feel like a conduit. I never get anywhere when I think too hard about writing. The creative roots grow in a strange soil. I merely sit at the base of the tree and a song-apple falls on my head. Of course, a lot of thinking takes place after a new song has been brought into the kitchen and has to be spiced and cooked properly. Then again, we all know what happened when a song-apple fell on Adam and Eve’s heads. (No, they didn’t form Apple Records and sign the Beatles.) Anyway, I hope your garden flourishes and blooms beautiful things. W
Hello everyone – here’s the latest: IT'S HOT Summer has descended and I feel like a piece of coal in the devil’s steam engine. If you find yourself in the same predicament, I trust someone has the good sense to douse you with cool water and lend you a sun visor. Anyway, I have music news for a change – as opposed to the sorry medical episodes that have dominated the world of Wishnefsky as of late. BANDCAMP My three solo records are now up on a really great website called Bandcamp. Kindly direct your browser to http://wishnefsky.bandcamp.com/. You can stream or download high quality files (way better than mp3s). Even better, it will cost you only 50 cents a song! This is HALF of what iTunes and CDBaby charge. You can download CD quality files of my three solo records for a grand total of $15 (i.e. the cost of one extremely annoying Jonas Brothers CD). As further enticement, I have uploaded the lyrics to all my songs on Bandcamp. This is the first time I have made all my lyrics available. You can now decipher that one phrase that was driving you crazy because you couldn’t quite figure it out, but were pretty sure I wasn’t singing about a herd of angry rhinos having tea with the prime minister under a canopy of poison ivy and pantyhose. So, please help out your friendly local starving musician, head over to http://wishnefsky.bandcamp.com/, and download away. (Okay, I’m not really starving, but I would be for certain without my day job). You will love Bandcamp – it’s fast and easy. This is the direction in which the music biz is heading, whether the major labels like it or not. FACEBOOK While I’m on the topic of websites, please visit the Wishnefsky Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wishnefsky/28369986711. It looks like MySpace is slowly spiraling down the drain of obscurity and more of you spend cyber time on Facebook. So I’m going to get the Wishnefsky page going on Facebook, even though I’m not in love with the way Facebook does band pages. TWITTER If you’re one those ADD types addicted to Twitter (it’s okay, I am too), I tweet regularly at http://twitter.com/wishnefsky. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, no worries – tweeting regularly does not mean I need to rush to the nearest gastrointestinal specialist.) UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN . . . Thanks for supporting my music. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Peace, W

The Prez of the Fan Club makes a cameo appearance in a video of Wish playing Going Inside on acoustic guitar.  See the video page for a few more vids of Wish doing acoustic versions of songs from Use Your Words.

I hope you’re swaying on a hammock in the warm breeze and enjoying the lazy, charbroiling days of summer. About one month ago, my in-laws invaded our house for an evening of over-eating and excessive noise. My father-in-law brought a DVD with his old super 8 movies, so we all gathered in the family room to watch my wife and her siblings embarrass themselves as little kids. My father-in-law is the world’s WORST videographer and could not hold the camera still or frame a picture if his life depended on it. Hence, after about 30 minutes of shaky pictures and cut off heads, my own head started to throb and pound like an army of grasshoppers was trying to break out of my skull using miniature jackhammers. I figured my father-in-law’s prolific filming ineptitude accounted for the hellacious pain in my temples. Wrong. I went upstairs and got in bed. The pain turned into heat and a fever worthy of the nether-world erupted throughout my body. For ten days. That’s right. Ten days of intense fevers, chills and shakes. Intense pain. No sleep. No appetite. No music. No reading. No television. No sex. It was completely fucked up. On the 7th day of this medical episode, my doctor put me in the hospital and by this time I was such a mess that I couldn’t even walk. At that dark time, a brilliant infectious disease specialist examined me and my fortunes changed for the better. He told me I could have one of about 20 illnesses and each sounded more heinous than the next. However, he felt strongly it was one microbial fucker known as Typhus and gave me an antibiotic specific for it. Three days later the fever broke and I started to get better. A week later, after my body produced enough anti-bodies, blood tests confirmed it was, in point of fact, Typhus. One becomes infected with Typhus by being bitten by a flea from a WILD ANIMAL. Now I live in South Pasadena, which is a suburb of Los Angeles, and the closest thing to a wild animal on our block is my 11 year old daughter. So no one has the slightest clue how I came into contact with an infected flea. I have no memory of being bitten. After 10 days of wanting to be encased in a freezer, I discovered that one doesn’t simply bounce back from Typhus. Rather, one must slowly convalesce and recover strength over a period of weeks. As a result, I missed a substantial amount of time from my work. This cost me money and, more importantly, precious time from my family. I feel great now and I’m pondering the lessons to be learned. In much better news, my new record Idiot Proof is now available on iTunes. Please show your support and buy it. With feverish love, W

You've heard the tunes.  Now go buy the CD.



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Hello sports fans, Last week I endured arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder to repair a torn labrum. The doc claims he fixed everything. As proof, he gave me a DVD showing the highlights with running commentary, kind of like Sports Center on ESPN. Before the surgery, I was scared out of my wits. So the surgical nurse kindly held my hand: a 6'5, hairy, muscular dude. I'm his bitch now. Before the surgery, they asked me to initial my right shoulder. Obviously, they make that request to protect themselves from liability in case they butcher the wrong body part. That must suck. The doctor also initialed my arm and then drew the medical equivalent of alien crop circles. Either that or he was hoping for a quick game of tic tac toe. They inserted 2 titanium screws in my shoulder bone. If you could remove my arm from my body, it would probably make a decent golf club. I'm now in rehab mode, which means my right arm is in a sling and I have to perform all daily tasks, including those involving bodily functions, with my left hand. I'm right handed, by the way. Perhaps that was too much information. The good news is I'll be fine in a few months. Even better news is that the Idiot Proof CDs are here and they look/sound great. More to come on that subject. I hope you're doing fine and keeping as far away from slings as humanly possible. Love, W
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Please check out the new Wishnefsky record Idiot Proof, featuring 11 new songs. Enjoy.
Hello everyone, Well, the mixes sound really good. Michael James did an amazing job as usual. We will do mastering in about a week. Then everything will be sent off to the CD manufacturer. I'll post the new songs on the webpage as soon as they are mastered. The CD artwork is nearly finished. It will feature some photographs of me taken by my daughter Sophie. My step-dad is a world renowned photographer and she has learned quite a few tricks of the trade from him. In the photos, I am wearing a glorious Russian military tank helmet - a gift I received from my Russian friend Valera (nickname: "Mr. KGB") and his girlfriend Anna. We shot a series of "before" and "after" photos. In the "before" pictures, I'm sitting with my feet dangling in the water of our pool and I'm playing an electric guitar plugged into an amp. In the "after" pictures, I'm laying on the ground dead. Basically, I look like an idiot. The photo session was a lot of fun, especially because Sophie exhibited no hesitation in advising when I looked like a cool rock star (the exception) or an embarrassment to the human race (the rule). I'll post some of the photos soon and you can decide for yourself. Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend. Love, W
Hello, hope you’re just fine and dandy. Michael James is knee deep in mixing the next Wishnefsky record Idiot Proof. As I write this, we have three songs to go and should be done by Tuesday or Wednesday. This afternoon, I finally completed all my parts. I did the last guitar bits on All Alone. These particular parts drove me absolutely batty. The song clearly needed something in the second and third choruses and everything I had tried sounded like crapola. MJ sagely suggested that I try the Beast through a Big Muff and the Vox and that did the trick. The Beast/Muff/Vox combination gave me the wonderful spine tingling sensation I live for. In case you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about – the Beast is my rare, beautiful, red sunburst Yamaha electric guitar that sounds a lot like a Les Paul. It used to belong to MJ and I bought it from him back in the Jabberwock days. I have a vintage Vox AC-10 amplifier, also purchased during the Jabberwock days. The Beast played through the Vox is prevalent throughout all the Jabberwock recordings and was one of our trademark sounds. A Big Muff is a vintage fuzz pedal. I had one when I was 11 and stupidly broke it in high school. I bought one recently in the midst of a mid-life crisis. It’s nice to feel 11. Anyway, I use guitar amp modeling software a lot these days; but, for certain sounds, there is nothing like the old vintage analog gear. After we master the songs, I will post a few on the myspace page so you can get a preview before Idiot Proof is formally released. Peace, W
Award winning photographer Serena Wellen, whose brilliant work graces the front and rear covers of the Wishnefsky record SinTax, gave birth today to a healthy baby boy named Sahl. Serena did it the natural way with no drugs. Ouch. That has got to hurt. Congratulations and love to Serena and her other boys Rob (the husband type of boy) and Taj (the little boy type of boy). In the meantime, last week I gave birth, albeit in a much less painful manner, to a new song entitled either “Curtains” or “The Curtains” or something that contains the word “Curtains.” Curtains will be the closing track on the next Wishnefsky record Idiot Proof. I wrote it because I was getting sick and tired of trying to whip the former closing track, entitled Because Because Because Because, into shape. Because x4 simply refused to behave and since all bad little songs need consequences, I duly banished it from Idiot Proof. I originally wrote Because x4 for Use Your Words. There are some parts that I really really like. Unfortunately, there are some parts that I really really don’t like. I tried to distill the wheat from the chaff, but to no avail. Hence, Because x4 has been relegated to the ever-growing musical trash dumpster. Curtains was inspired by my wife’s annual tradition of pointing out that more American women are abused on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year. This new song concerns a wife who exacts revenge on her malicious husband in the dead of night and is exonerated because he had it coming in a big way. Thankfully, the song has nothing to do with football. Even more thankfully, my wife has seen fit to keep the carving knives safely stowed away in the cutlery drawer during the still of the darkest hours. So it’s a work of fiction; though, yes, my wife would probably be exonerated too. Idiot Proof will be finished soon and I’m excited for everyone to hear it. But, in the meantime, please extend your warmest welcome to Sahl. Peace, W
Hello everyone. Inasmuch as it's a new year, it's time for what has now apparently become an annual ritual: arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder, followed by a sling for six weeks and months of painful physical therapy. It's torn. Again. Ugh. But that's the bad news. There's plenty of good news. First, my voice has fully recovered and might be even a bit stronger than before. I highly recommend my voice therapist Rosemary Scott in Pasadena. If I could sculpt worth a damn, I would create a statue in her honor and place it on my front lawn. (If I were a legislator, I would create a statute in her honor, but it might be tricky putting a code section on my front lawn. Sorry. Lawyer humor.) Second, we are about to start mixing the next Wishnefsky record, which is entitled Idiot Proof. So far, it sounds really great and I'm quite excited about this record. There are going to be 10 songs, including a brand spanking new tune called Squid Pro Quo. Squid features a formidable guitar solo by Michael James and concerns certain intricacies of a business deal gone sour, seen through the eyes of the Devil himself disguised as my contracts professor from the first year of law school. You know - another "selling your soul" number set to a thumping beat. Third, and most important, we now have a leader of the free world who has wasted no time commencing the monumental task of pointing the USA in the correct direction and reversing the deleterious effects perpetrated by the corrupt idiot who preceded him. So it's all good. Except for my damn shoulder. Anyway, I trust your year is off to a dashing start. Love and rotator cuffs, W
To my friends and family in the USA, I hope you and yours had a happy Thanksgiving. I am very thankful of everyone’s love and support. As a very small token of my appreciation, I have uploaded an unmastered mix of a new song entitled What Will It Take. Michael James did the mix and played the super-tasty electric guitar solo. You can find it at www.lostdogrecordsco.com/music-group-19.html and the myspace page. In other news: Inasmuch as I have written a slew of new songs, the next record has mutated and, like a musical zygote, split into two separate records. At this point in time, the first record is tentatively entitled Idiot Proof. The songs are more guitar driven than the first two Wish records, but do feature a fair amount of synth and electronic stuff. Working song titles include Exhibit A, The Bible And The Bigot, Penetrate That Skull, Proof, Trouble Follows, Somebody Loves You (As Long As The Cash Comes Down), and All Alone. (Incidentally, my close friend Alan Rosenbach noticed I referred to “the Bible and the Bigot” in a recent blog. He suggested it would make a good song title. He was right. Alan, by the way, is a prominent dermatologist and laser surgeon in Century City. If you suddenly discover an unsightly lesion causing you prodigious embarrassment, pay an Alan a visit. Feel free to mention Wishnefsky sent you, though I doubt Alan will give you a discount. Greedy vermin.) The second record in progress carries the tentative title of You Wood. As some of you may know, I have a bunch of acoustic guitar songs that, like dysfunctional foster children, have never found a home on any of my records. The idea behind You Wood is to present these musical misfits in a manner as if I sat down on your couch with my acoustic guitar, politely asked you to turn off the television, and played a few songs for you. Working song titles include No More, Went But Couldn’t Figure, Wrap, You Need Therapy, Shatterproof, Not Your Friend, and Let It Go. Peace, W
Hello people, Last Sunday I was stung by a bee. Because I'm allergic to those little fuckers, my doctor gave me a steroid known as prednisone. It's an amazing drug. It quickly stopped the allergic reaction. I felt like a million dollars. It has a few side effects, though. For example, I got totally wired and could not sleep at all. Another side effect, not yet recognized by the medical profession, is excessive song-writing. As such, while under the influence of prednisone, I went on a little musical binge. On the Wishnefsky myspace page, I am uploading a rough and tumble demo of one of the songs I wrote on steroids. It's called Proof. To a certain extent, Proof harkens back to a quasi-punkish period I went through while writing some of the songs that ended up on the album Letterbomb by my old band Jabberwock. I generally try to avoid song-writing, driving, and filling out tax returns while under the influence of anything other than common sense. However, there are exceptions and this song is Proof. Love and kisses, W
If you live in the US, please exercise your right to vote today. All presidential elections are important; this one is crucially important. The last 8 years have been a disaster. It's time to right the ship. May the people's voices be heard. Wishnefsky
I hope you enjoyed a very scary All Hallows Eve (doubtlessly sponsored by a coalition of dentists, candy manufacturers, and pumpkin farmers). The election coming up on Tuesday in the U.S. should frighten you far more than any ghoulish creatures of the nether regions that you may have encountered on Halloween. Those of us in California especially will encounter a ballot that features some truly evil choices. Most of you probably know already that I would place McCain and Palin in the truly evil category. A few clicks on the internet will put you in touch with all the info you need to see why I feel that way. For starters, you can put the Obama and McCain websites side by aside and compare. There are sites where you can compare their voting records in the Senate, the Washington Post website for example. There are neutral fact checking sites which will reveal that McCain and Palin are mostly full of shit and Obama is not. After reading, studying, and listening, I conclude that McCain and Palin support policies that will benefit the extreme rich and the religious right – and ratfuck everyone else. Which begs the question: how do they conjure up the support of so many otherwise decent and intelligent Republicans? Fear mongering, of course. If you are one of the idiots who believe that Obama is a Muslin, I have a question for you. Can you name one piece of legislation Obama has ever supported that espoused a Muslin agenda to the detriment of his constituents? Let me help you out. The answer is NONE. Thus, even if Obama was a Muslin – and by the way, he’s not – there is no evidence that he has ever allowed his religious agenda to trump that of the country. Now, while I’m in question asking mode, here’s another one: How many pieces of legislation have Bush, McCain, and Palin supported that were based on a religious agenda at the expense of the needs and desires of their constituents? Answer: MANY. Do you see the hypocrisy now? It’s actually somewhat enjoyable, in a devious sort of way, to watch the unlikely collusion of uber-wealthy and religious nutjobs scramble like cockroaches in a flood lit alley. But enough about that. In California, we will vote on a proposition that seeks to ban gay marriage. To me, the proposition reeks of bigotry, intolerance, and invasion of privacy. If you intend to vote in favor of this proposition, please take a hard look in the mirror. No one cares, or should care, what sexual sports you undertake in the privacy of your bedroom (as long as it involves a consenting adult, that is). So why the fuck should you care what anyone does in their bed? “The Bible,” the Bigot answers, “tells us that it is bad to be gay, that gays made a bad choice to be gay, and that gays do bad things. So let’s face it, gays are bad.” Guess what? The Bible and the Bigot missed this one by a mile. While some people may choose to explore homosexuality for the adventure of it, there is no credible scientific evidence that being gay is a choice. Rather, gays are wired a bit differently and that’s that. There has always been a percentage of the population that is gay. So what. Who cares. I’m trying to think of a gay person I’ve met who is a complete idiot. I can’t. Maybe I haven’t met enough. Whereas, I have met hundreds of heteros who are blithering morons and completely fucked up parents. (By the way, my boss is a lesbian and one of the most intelligent persons I know. If you ever find yourself opposite her in the courtroom, turn and run away because she’s smarter than you and about to kick your ass.) Please vote for Obama and against Proposition 8. For my fans outside of the U.S., I appreciate your love and patience as I rant about these silly issues. Have a lovely week, W
When I said SinTax was going to be available on iTunes soon, I wasn't kidding. It's there. Here's the link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=292320410&s=143441 So, please download away. You can preview the songs in their entirety at http://ats.lostdogrecordsco.com/music-group-18.html If you're old school and prefer something you can touch and insert in a drive, the CD may be purchased at CD Baby. (Some of you like touching things -- occasionally embarrassing things that you wouldn't want me to talk about. And I won't even make a passing reference as to where you might insert those things that you touch.) Here's the link: http://cdbaby.com/cd/wishnefsky2 If you buy the CD, you will have the opportunity to marvel at and treasure the magnificent photographs of Serena Wellen and Ed Nahin. Something you can touch and insert without embarrassment. I hope you enjoy the new record. With much love, W p.s. You can still download Bait and Switch for free at http://www.myspace.com/wishnefsky
We're still waiting for SinTax to hit iTunes, but in the meantime, it's now up at a bunch of places including CD Baby and LaLa. So please check out the newest record. Feel free to buy it too.
Head on over to http://cdbaby.com/cd/wishnefsky2 and pick up your copy of Wishnefsky's new record. Download the new song Bait and Switch for free at http://ats.lostdogrecordsco.com/music-group-18.html.
We now have a Wishnefsky page on Facebook. We have posted some new photos of Wishnefsky fondling his beloved acoustic guitar. Go check it out.
Remember when I told you that the new Wishnefsky record was done? It was a vicious lie. This morning, I decided to add some guitar parts to one of the new songs. So I did. And I'm much happier with this particular song. It was bugging me. That happens sometimes. Anyway, Michael and I are now addressing the technical ramifications of dropping new guitar parts on top of the already mastered previous version. Then, we will be done - I promise - unless lightning strikes again, and it could. That's just the nature of the beast. Preview of coming attractions: the next Wishnefsky album to be recorded will feature only songs written on acoustic guitar. I have a group of about 20 songs in mind, although the CD will likely end up having less songs. So far, in my head at least and as I bang away on the acoustic guitar, it is much more organic and less electronic. No, I am not going through a folk singer stage. Rather, I like switching mediums to keep things fresh and you, the listener, on your toes. I will start recording as soon as SinTax is truly finished. I have two tentative working titles for the next album: "You, Wood" and "Idiot Proof." We'll see if either title survives. That's just the nature of the beast.
You can preview songs from Wishnefsky's new album SinTax at www.myspace.com/wishnefsky. SinTax will be officially released in the near future. We hope you like it.
Michael and I are making the final edits to SinTax. Thanks to his skills, it sounds amazing and I can't wait for the world to hear it. Happy Father's Day, Wish
The new album is called SinTax and should be done in a few weeks! There are ten songs and they concern one of the seven deadly sins: avarice. We'll keep you posted.
On That Note is available at iTunes. Kindly point your browser to http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playListId=279102577
Veneer's latest record, On That Note, has been released and may be purchased at CD Baby. We hope you enjoy it.
The brand new Veneer record is here in the music section. You can download some songs for free: Liar Boy, Footsteps, Puppet Boy, Far Cry, and (of course) Free. Enjoy. Wish
Michael James has completed mixing and mastering the next Veneer album, On That Note. It sounds really good. We will post the entire album here soon. A few songs will be made available for free downloads.
I hope you enjoyed the holiday season. I have completed the tracks on the Veneer album entitled On That Note. In about two weeks, Michael James, producer/engineer extraordinaire, will mix On That Note at his amazing studio. I'm quite excited about this record and feel it's my strongest songwriting to date. I have put a few rough mixes on the Veneer MySpace page. So, new music is coming. Peace, W
I hope you enjoy this album. Peace, Wish
You can now download Wishnefsky's solo record USE YOUR WORDS at cdbaby.com/cd/wishnefsky for $4.99. Tell your friends. Enjoy. Thanks.
We've kept our promise. Here's another new Wishnefsky song, somewhat deceptively entitled "Oh." It's a fairly long song and, yes, there is singing, but it's toward the end.
Wishnefsky is working on his next album, tentatively entitled STUFF. We have uploaded another new track, titled, by pure coincidence, Stuff. We hope you like it. More on the way.
Wishnefsky has completed a new song entitled "Bait and Switch" which you can hear in the Music Section. Wishnefsky wrote, performed, and produced the song at his South Pasadena studio. Sophie Wellen sang back up vocals.
You can now purchase and download JABBERWOCK'S second album, LETTERBOMB, from iTunes. Here's the link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playListId=256880658 This is the first time that LETTERBOMB has been available to the public. JABBERWOCK broke up before they could release LETTERBOMB or their third album HER FAITHFUL BATTALIONS. Enjoy.
At long last, you can purchase JABBERWOCK's debut CD, SOUTHLAND, in digital formal at iTunes. You can buy the whole album or individual songs. Here's the link: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?playListId=255304456 If you don't have iTunes, you really need to check it out. It's the best and easiest way to download songs and albums. It's cheaper and easier than buying CDs. You can download iTunes at http://www.apple.com/itunes/
Check it out: http://cdbaby.com/cd/jabberwock2 LETTERBOMB is only being released in digital format. It will be available soon on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, etc. In the meantime, you can stream all of the LETTERBOMB songs in the Music Section. In fact, you can stream all three JABBERWOCK records in the Music Section.
Early Wednesday morning we leave for New York. Sophie and the Colburn Children's Choir are performing at Carnegie Hall Saturday Night. We're in the usual hectic pre-trip mode. I'm looking forward to feeling the mad energy and, of course, seeing my daughter perform in such an illustrious setting. W
Okay kids, it's here. This is my first new release in many moons. Maybe you've been waiting a long time for this. Maybe you're a mountain and it's barely been a wink of an eye in terms of geologic time. Maybe you really don't give a shit and are scratching your head in bewilderment at how you mysteriously ended up reading a news post on this website. As my 11 year old daughter says, whatever. I sincerely hope you enjoy Use Your Words. I put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, etc., into making it. With any luck, you will not be required to exert anywhere near the same amount of effort in order to listen to it. Thanks for patiently waiting so long. Peace and Love, W
Okay, the new version of Black is here in the music section. Hope you like it.
Black is a quiet acoustic song on LETTERBOMB. I was never very happy with the old version of the song. So I'm redoing it. It's one of the few Jabberwock songs I can do without Todd or Dave. Today, I did acoustic guitars, vocals, and a few synth parts. I just need to add a few synth parts and it will be ready to mix. So far, it sounds pretty good. It has a slightly different vibe than the older version, but it's still quiet and intimate. The things that bugged me about the old version have been corrected. I'll post it as soon as I have a decent mix.
You may now purchase SOUTHLAND at www.CDBaby.com. SOUTHLAND, LETTERBOMB, and HER FAITHFUL BATTALIONS - all three Jabberwock albums - will soon be available in digital form on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, NetMusic, and a whole bunch of other download sites.
Rust never sleeps and, apparently, neither does Lost Dog Records. We have now uploaded a bunch of Jabberwock songs that until now had never seen the light of day. They played a few of the songs live, such as Our Blessed Isabella and (I Want to) Disappear. But most of these tracks were hidden away in Wishnefsky's closet. Now, 10 years after Jabberwock broke up, it's time to unleash what might be their best material. The songs will be packaged in a album entitled Her Faithful Battalions. You can listen to HFB in the Music Section. Enjoy. Thanks.
After Jabberwock broke up in 1998, Wishnefsky started his next band, Veneer. Here are the great sounding demos for Sandbag. Michael James mixed the tracks. You can hear these previously unreleased tracks in the Music Section.
Yes kids, I've been busy uploading. So now you have both Jabberwock CDs: Southland and Letterbomb. You can listen in the Music Section. I will start uploading Veneer songs next. This site will grow like a pyramid, one brick at a time, with lost treasures and mummified royalty entombed within.
After a moderate amount of trial and error, we have uploaded MP3s of Southland, Jabberwock's debut CD. You can listen or download in the Music Section. If you want to get the CD and the booklet that Todd Jameson designed, Southland will soon be available on CD Baby, as well as iTunes and other web based sites. We will be uploading a lot more music in the near future, including the final mastered version of Letterbomb, the unreleased second Jabberwock CD. Also, we are mastering a slew of unreleased Jabberwock material that we know you will enjoy. Songs and photos from Wishnefsky, Veneer, and Sophie Wellen coming soon. Please check back. Drop us a note. Thanks for your support.
This is the inagural news item for the new Lost Dog Records website. We were defunct (i.e. in the doghouse) for a stretch of time. That doesn't mean we lost the funct, however, so to speak. And now we're back to serve mankind (and womenkind too). This will be the internet home of our fabulous artists: VENEER, WISHNEFSKY, JABBERWOCK, and SOPHIE WELLEN. We will be posting music, photos, propaganda, and various bits of sundry information for your web-based pleasure. Cheers, W

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