Hello everyone. Inasmuch as it's a new year, it's time for what has now apparently become an annual ritual: arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder, followed by a sling for six weeks and months of painful physical therapy. It's torn. Again. Ugh. But that's the bad news. There's plenty of good news. First, my voice has fully recovered and might be even a bit stronger than before. I highly recommend my voice therapist Rosemary Scott in Pasadena. If I could sculpt worth a damn, I would create a statue in her honor and place it on my front lawn. (If I were a legislator, I would create a statute in her honor, but it might be tricky putting a code section on my front lawn. Sorry. Lawyer humor.) Second, we are about to start mixing the next Wishnefsky record, which is entitled Idiot Proof. So far, it sounds really great and I'm quite excited about this record. There are going to be 10 songs, including a brand spanking new tune called Squid Pro Quo. Squid features a formidable guitar solo by Michael James and concerns certain intricacies of a business deal gone sour, seen through the eyes of the Devil himself disguised as my contracts professor from the first year of law school. You know - another "selling your soul" number set to a thumping beat. Third, and most important, we now have a leader of the free world who has wasted no time commencing the monumental task of pointing the USA in the correct direction and reversing the deleterious effects perpetrated by the corrupt idiot who preceded him. So it's all good. Except for my damn shoulder. Anyway, I trust your year is off to a dashing start. Love and rotator cuffs, W

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