I spent a week writing B3R material up at my parents' place in the Eastern Sierras.  It's one of my favorite places to go for writing.  They have a fairly bizarre giant living room - dining room bisected by an indoor creek/pond with water pumped in from Bishop Creek.  When I go there, I set up a mobile studio in dining room portion.  I was all alone this time as my parents are out of the country.  My wife and kids did not accompany me.  I was able to focus without distraction and that was great for writing.  When I wasn't writing or tracking, I was pretty fucking lonely and relatively miserable.  Of course, that particular mental state beckons deep seated internal demons and, consequently, songs emerge.

I now have a bunch of new material which seems to be coming together in a new record which for now I'm calling All Is Lost. 

The new stuff is electric guitar oriented: not much in the way of electronics and synths.  Because my car is in the shop, I took Tina's car up to Bishop and there wasn't room for the Mesa Electra-Dyne and the Vox AC15.  The Mesa stayed at home.  So all of the electric guitar parts I did up there were through the Vox.  I love the Vox.  Using it alone suggested a more British sound and I think that influenced some of the parts and pushed some of the songs in a certain direction.  The guitar sound in my old band Jabberwock was basically my vintage Yamaha SG1500 (i.e. the Beast) going through my old vintage 1962 Vox AC10.  Some of the parts on the new songs have that same tone.

There is piano on some of the songs.  I generally save the more piano oriented material for the Veneer records, but it seemed to work really well with this group of tunes.     

The songs are short.  They get right to the point.  This time around, I didn't feel like drawing things out and taking the listener on a lengthy journey.  The songs are pretty melodic and hooky. 

The lyrics are influenced by the recent death of a good friend who passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, and far too young.  We all know how our journey starts and what happens in the end.  The mystery and adventure lie in everything between. 

Two of the songs were originally intended for a project I'm helping Michael James with called the Minty Freshmen.  At a certain point, the two songs started sounding more like B3R than the Minty F-men and I ran with it.  The subject matter of the lyrics is lighter than the other songs.  One of the songs is quite unusual for me.  If you will allow me to put it rather bluntly, the song is basically about fucking.  So there you have it.  There must be millions of songs about fucking.  I generally avoid that well worn path in my lyrics.  But every rule has its exceptions.  I did give it a certain twist and you can find out what that twist is when I release the song.

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