Hello, hope you’re just fine and dandy. Michael James is knee deep in mixing the next Wishnefsky record Idiot Proof. As I write this, we have three songs to go and should be done by Tuesday or Wednesday. This afternoon, I finally completed all my parts. I did the last guitar bits on All Alone. These particular parts drove me absolutely batty. The song clearly needed something in the second and third choruses and everything I had tried sounded like crapola. MJ sagely suggested that I try the Beast through a Big Muff and the Vox and that did the trick. The Beast/Muff/Vox combination gave me the wonderful spine tingling sensation I live for. In case you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about – the Beast is my rare, beautiful, red sunburst Yamaha electric guitar that sounds a lot like a Les Paul. It used to belong to MJ and I bought it from him back in the Jabberwock days. I have a vintage Vox AC-10 amplifier, also purchased during the Jabberwock days. The Beast played through the Vox is prevalent throughout all the Jabberwock recordings and was one of our trademark sounds. A Big Muff is a vintage fuzz pedal. I had one when I was 11 and stupidly broke it in high school. I bought one recently in the midst of a mid-life crisis. It’s nice to feel 11. Anyway, I use guitar amp modeling software a lot these days; but, for certain sounds, there is nothing like the old vintage analog gear. After we master the songs, I will post a few on the myspace page so you can get a preview before Idiot Proof is formally released. Peace, W

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