Hello Everyone,

Hope you're surviving the gold medal winning heat wave.  Here's a quick Wishnefsky update for you.

Next week the amazing Michael James and I will complete mixing the next Wishnefsky record.  As usual, MJ gets the credit for anything that sounds great and I bear full culpability for anything that causes your eardrums to bleed.

I'm very excited about the new material.  I have been working on this batch of tunes for a while and hopefully they have fermented sufficiently to taste exquisite and inspire a pleasant little buzz.

The current working title for the new record is Mind The Gap. 

We played a few of the new tunes at the Skinny's gig in June:  Sunlight Disinfectant and I Evade You.  We will be working more of the new songs into our ever-evolving set list.

Speaking of which, we are setting up some more gigs in the LA/OC area. 

We are also planning a very special record release – showcase performance. 

Stay tuned for dates, details, etc. 

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on the phantastic blog The Peverett Phile.  You can read the interview here

In other news . . .

Dave's uplifting drumming finally caught up with his body and he recently had hernia surgery from which he is recovering and doubtlessly driving those around him crazy since he can't bang on the drums for a while.  He promises to come back twice as strong and not lift anything over 6 ounces without first bending his knees.  Please feel free to conjure your most potent get well wishes for Dave.

Lastly, and certainly not leastly, Matt and Mary Ann's son Oliver celebrated his second birthday.  So, he's well on his way to matching his bass-playing, cancer-curing father's maturity level.  Just kidding.  He's already there.  Ha ha.  Happy birthday Oliver.   

Love and sun block,


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