Lost Dog Records has released a second B3R album entitled All of the Above.  It is 14 song compilation of material that B3R plays live.  You can hear/obtain it HERE. 

These songs are culled from B3R’s first record Strings Attached and a number of Wishnefsky solo records (Sunlight Disinfectant, Fiasco – Book One, Nightwalker, Idiot Proof). This is not the complete collection of songs B3R might play live. They have been known to play new unreleased material, older Wishnefsky material, and even a few songs from Wish and Dave’s old band Jabberwock. B3R does not repeat the same set. They keep it fresh, kind of like the mints in the bowl at the reception desk of a nice hotel.

The idea here is to make it easier for you (listener, fan, music enthusiast, glutton for punishment) to become familiar with some of the material B3R might play for you at one of their performances.

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