Before I get to music news, a brief note on the revolution. 

It has started.   

I really hope we see some meaningful change.  The uber-wealthy who control the government and the economy can rape the rest of us for only so long.  We outnumber them.

And now for some far less important news.

It has been quite some time since I have played my music in a live setting.  I have been content to remain somewhat hermit-like, ensconced in my musical bunker, cranking out songs, and occasionally sharing them with the rest of the world.  However, two things happened this year that convinced me it might be time to start playing live again. 

First, I went to Coachella in April and saw some bands who incorporated computers into their show and pulled it off.  Much of my stronger solo material involves layers and atmospheres that would be difficult to recreate with a band.  I set the bar very high for myself and, in a live setting, I only want to present music that is creative, different, worthwhile, and representative of my records.  Seeing bands such as Phantogram and Animal Collective at Coachella made me realize that I could pull off Wishnefsky live with the help of computers.

Second, my cousin R. Matt Carroll started bugging me to get together and play.  Matt is a very talented musician and, due to having wasted many hours torturing himself with my music, he has a perfect feel for my material.  Since we're cousins and get along quite well, doing music with him is easy and comfortable.  It helps that Matt is off the charts intelligent and has great patience with idiots like me.  In case you think I'm full of shit, Matt is a physician and one of the leading oncologists in So Cal.  So, not only is he the kick ass bassist in Wishnefsky, but he's going to discover a cure for cancer. 

Here's Matt and my daughter Sophie earlier this year before heading out the door to Coachella (notice Matt's wristband):


Matt and I have enlisted the services of my long time friend and co-conspirator, David Rodgers - the amazing drummer in my old band Jabberwock.

Speaking of Jabberwock.  Here we are back in the day.  Dave is in the middle.  I'm on the right (with a full head of hair, he sighed).  Todd Jameson is on the left.  No clue where Todd's shoes are.   


That photo was taken at our old house in Pasadena and it reminds me of when Sophie was 4 years old and painted an elaborate mural on that wall in vivid colors while our former nanny was supposedly watching her.  I was very proud of Sophie's initiative and artistic eye -- and wanted to strangle her (and the nanny) at the same time. 

Anyway, returning to the present day, Matt, Dave, and I have been working up songs with the assistance of my macbookpro and there is a distinct possibility we will set up some shows at some point in the relatively near future.  In case you're curious, we are working on In Your Head, Setting Sun, Night Will Fall, Ghost of Brookside Drive, Frankenstein, Pocket Liner, Body Without A Soul, Your Husband The Fool, Get It Over With, Bank of Jerusalem, A Happy Funeral, Isn't It Time, Come To Me (Reprise), and You'll Never Work In This Town Again.

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