We had a nice show last night at Tiki in Costa Mesa. Thanks to everyone who came out. 

From my vantage point, it was a bit of a roller coaster ride thanks to Matt breaking not one, but two bass strings.  It led to an unanticipated pause in the proceedings which Dave and I filled up by playing a most unusual stripped down, bass-less version of I Evade You.  Later in the set, we had a most unusual technology train wreck at the beginning of Get Up Go Down which required us to stop about 20 seconds in and start over.  Thankfully, the audience hung in there and I'd like to think we rewarded their patience by pretty much nailing the rest of the set.

We played some of the new tunes from our next record, namely, Irrational Man, Cloudburst of a Dream, Shadows Like Them, and Wasters.  They all seemed to work really well.  Playing a song live can be an excellent way of figuring out if the song is truly happening.  I'm excited about the next record.  It feels like it will be really strong. 

We are setting up more shows.  Once we have a firmer grasp on when the next record will be released, we would like to set up a record release gig/party.  Stay tuned for more news.

And please like the Brahms' Third Racket facebook page, or, as some people say, the book of face. 

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