I hope you enjoyed a very scary All Hallows Eve (doubtlessly sponsored by a coalition of dentists, candy manufacturers, and pumpkin farmers). The election coming up on Tuesday in the U.S. should frighten you far more than any ghoulish creatures of the nether regions that you may have encountered on Halloween. Those of us in California especially will encounter a ballot that features some truly evil choices. Most of you probably know already that I would place McCain and Palin in the truly evil category. A few clicks on the internet will put you in touch with all the info you need to see why I feel that way. For starters, you can put the Obama and McCain websites side by aside and compare. There are sites where you can compare their voting records in the Senate, the Washington Post website for example. There are neutral fact checking sites which will reveal that McCain and Palin are mostly full of shit and Obama is not. After reading, studying, and listening, I conclude that McCain and Palin support policies that will benefit the extreme rich and the religious right – and ratfuck everyone else. Which begs the question: how do they conjure up the support of so many otherwise decent and intelligent Republicans? Fear mongering, of course. If you are one of the idiots who believe that Obama is a Muslin, I have a question for you. Can you name one piece of legislation Obama has ever supported that espoused a Muslin agenda to the detriment of his constituents? Let me help you out. The answer is NONE. Thus, even if Obama was a Muslin – and by the way, he’s not – there is no evidence that he has ever allowed his religious agenda to trump that of the country. Now, while I’m in question asking mode, here’s another one: How many pieces of legislation have Bush, McCain, and Palin supported that were based on a religious agenda at the expense of the needs and desires of their constituents? Answer: MANY. Do you see the hypocrisy now? It’s actually somewhat enjoyable, in a devious sort of way, to watch the unlikely collusion of uber-wealthy and religious nutjobs scramble like cockroaches in a flood lit alley. But enough about that. In California, we will vote on a proposition that seeks to ban gay marriage. To me, the proposition reeks of bigotry, intolerance, and invasion of privacy. If you intend to vote in favor of this proposition, please take a hard look in the mirror. No one cares, or should care, what sexual sports you undertake in the privacy of your bedroom (as long as it involves a consenting adult, that is). So why the fuck should you care what anyone does in their bed? “The Bible,” the Bigot answers, “tells us that it is bad to be gay, that gays made a bad choice to be gay, and that gays do bad things. So let’s face it, gays are bad.” Guess what? The Bible and the Bigot missed this one by a mile. While some people may choose to explore homosexuality for the adventure of it, there is no credible scientific evidence that being gay is a choice. Rather, gays are wired a bit differently and that’s that. There has always been a percentage of the population that is gay. So what. Who cares. I’m trying to think of a gay person I’ve met who is a complete idiot. I can’t. Maybe I haven’t met enough. Whereas, I have met hundreds of heteros who are blithering morons and completely fucked up parents. (By the way, my boss is a lesbian and one of the most intelligent persons I know. If you ever find yourself opposite her in the courtroom, turn and run away because she’s smarter than you and about to kick your ass.) Please vote for Obama and against Proposition 8. For my fans outside of the U.S., I appreciate your love and patience as I rant about these silly issues. Have a lovely week, W

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