Hello sports fans, Last week I endured arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder to repair a torn labrum. The doc claims he fixed everything. As proof, he gave me a DVD showing the highlights with running commentary, kind of like Sports Center on ESPN. Before the surgery, I was scared out of my wits. So the surgical nurse kindly held my hand: a 6'5, hairy, muscular dude. I'm his bitch now. Before the surgery, they asked me to initial my right shoulder. Obviously, they make that request to protect themselves from liability in case they butcher the wrong body part. That must suck. The doctor also initialed my arm and then drew the medical equivalent of alien crop circles. Either that or he was hoping for a quick game of tic tac toe. They inserted 2 titanium screws in my shoulder bone. If you could remove my arm from my body, it would probably make a decent golf club. I'm now in rehab mode, which means my right arm is in a sling and I have to perform all daily tasks, including those involving bodily functions, with my left hand. I'm right handed, by the way. Perhaps that was too much information. The good news is I'll be fine in a few months. Even better news is that the Idiot Proof CDs are here and they look/sound great. More to come on that subject. I hope you're doing fine and keeping as far away from slings as humanly possible. Love, W

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