Michael James and I are done mixing the next Wishnefsky record.  It sounds really really great.  Next step is mastering and then you can hear the new stuff. 

I’m still toying around with titles for the record.  Current candidates include Glacier, Evasion, Arbitrage Cabaret, and The Bull Lies Down On Wall Street.  You’ll be the first to know.  For some maddening reason, it feels like I’ll be the last to find out.

On Saturday, September 22, we are playing at Rusty’s Surf Ranch on Santa Monica Pier.  We start at 11:45 pm.  That may be a little past your bedtime, but you should know by now that Wishnefsky is best experienced in the dark reaches of the shadowy after-hours.  Guest appearance by the Giant Squid that haunts the bay.  That big old slimy sea creature plays mean percussion, which is not surprising if you stop and think about it: a mallet in each tentacle.  Serious squid-like syncopation.  Highlight of the show may be the duet drum solo with Dave Rodgers and Squid. 

We are planning a super special record-release showcase extravaganza.  Wishnefsky mailing list members will receive advance invitations featuring unique packages not available to the outside world.  Stay tuned for more info.

In other news, Dave has fully recovered from his hernia surgery and is now ready to start whacking the skins at maximum velocity.  Out of respect for Dave’s privacy, I won’t reveal exactly how he injured himself; but let’s just say early rehearsals with the Squid didn’t exactly go as smoothly as planned. 

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