Here’s a quick update on all things Wishnefsky. First, my bout with Typhus ended with medical science trumping the little micro-motha. I feel perfectly normal (well, normal for me). I have a newfound appreciation for energy. Second, I’m deep into the next record. I think I’m going to call it Nightwalker because the songs all take place during the hours between dusk and dawn when the ghosts, drunkards, creatures of the dark, and other mysterious things creep out from under your bed to play in your dreams. Some of the working song titles: Night Will Fall Speak to Me (alternate title: Speak of the Devil) Afraid of the Dark Setting Sun Evil Circus Clown Nervous Time The new tunes are a mixture of electronica and organic sounds. I’m very happy with the way everything sounds. The songs are mucho powerful and something about them reaches inside me and yanks the strings holding my soul or whatever is down there. I never feel like my songs originate in me; rather, I feel like a conduit. I never get anywhere when I think too hard about writing. The creative roots grow in a strange soil. I merely sit at the base of the tree and a song-apple falls on my head. Of course, a lot of thinking takes place after a new song has been brought into the kitchen and has to be spiced and cooked properly. Then again, we all know what happened when a song-apple fell on Adam and Eve’s heads. (No, they didn’t form Apple Records and sign the Beatles.) Anyway, I hope your garden flourishes and blooms beautiful things. W

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