I trust 2011 finds you happy as a clam that successfully avoided the chowder.

Here’s the latest news on the Wishnefsky front:

Fiasco (Book Two) is nearly done.  I have finished a fair number of songs for Book Two.  I’m not sure each and every one of them belongs on the same record.  I’m trying to decide which ones deserve to go outside and play, and which ones deserve to be sent up their rooms without dinner.  I hope to finish that process soon and then I’ll start bugging Michael James to find time to mix.

Most of the songs for Book Two have been around for a while and have evolved from tiny little songlets floating in the primordial soup into giant, hulking musical monstrosities gallivanting about the dry land, choking on the air and looking for something sweet to devour.  My lifestyle allows me the luxury of waiting on songs if I so choose and, in this case, I did so choose.  So, to my ears, Book Two sounds more developed than Book One.  I hope that eventually makes listening to it an enjoyable experience for you.

I’m proud to announce that my lovely daughter Sophie sings on one of the new songs, which is entitled Rabbit Hole and concerns a certain ex-governor of Alaska.

I’m equally proud to announce that my other lovely daughter Ruby wrote most of the music for a new song called So Long.  It will be on the next Veneer record.

Speaking of my girls, here they are at the Harry Potter theme park in Florida.  They're drinking butterbeer, which is non-alcoholic, extremely sugary, and foul tasting.




I haven’t decided on the cover artwork yet for Book Two, but am strongly considering an amazing photograph of two polar bears standing face to face like two humongous albino New York cab drivers, screaming at each other in their best Sid Vicious imitations.  My soon-to-be 80 year old step father Ed Nahin, who also happens to be a world class photographer, took the photo during a recent excursion to the Arctic Circle.  He took the cover photograph for Book One in the Antarctic Circle.  Might as well span the globe with the covers for Fiasco.

If you like my music, please tell your friends and spread the word.  I appreciate your support. 

Love, crackers, and ice,


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