Hello everyone, Well, the mixes sound really good. Michael James did an amazing job as usual. We will do mastering in about a week. Then everything will be sent off to the CD manufacturer. I'll post the new songs on the webpage as soon as they are mastered. The CD artwork is nearly finished. It will feature some photographs of me taken by my daughter Sophie. My step-dad is a world renowned photographer and she has learned quite a few tricks of the trade from him. In the photos, I am wearing a glorious Russian military tank helmet - a gift I received from my Russian friend Valera (nickname: "Mr. KGB") and his girlfriend Anna. We shot a series of "before" and "after" photos. In the "before" pictures, I'm sitting with my feet dangling in the water of our pool and I'm playing an electric guitar plugged into an amp. In the "after" pictures, I'm laying on the ground dead. Basically, I look like an idiot. The photo session was a lot of fun, especially because Sophie exhibited no hesitation in advising when I looked like a cool rock star (the exception) or an embarrassment to the human race (the rule). I'll post some of the photos soon and you can decide for yourself. Hope you're having an enjoyable weekend. Love, W

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