Award winning photographer Serena Wellen, whose brilliant work graces the front and rear covers of the Wishnefsky record SinTax, gave birth today to a healthy baby boy named Sahl. Serena did it the natural way with no drugs. Ouch. That has got to hurt. Congratulations and love to Serena and her other boys Rob (the husband type of boy) and Taj (the little boy type of boy). In the meantime, last week I gave birth, albeit in a much less painful manner, to a new song entitled either “Curtains” or “The Curtains” or something that contains the word “Curtains.” Curtains will be the closing track on the next Wishnefsky record Idiot Proof. I wrote it because I was getting sick and tired of trying to whip the former closing track, entitled Because Because Because Because, into shape. Because x4 simply refused to behave and since all bad little songs need consequences, I duly banished it from Idiot Proof. I originally wrote Because x4 for Use Your Words. There are some parts that I really really like. Unfortunately, there are some parts that I really really don’t like. I tried to distill the wheat from the chaff, but to no avail. Hence, Because x4 has been relegated to the ever-growing musical trash dumpster. Curtains was inspired by my wife’s annual tradition of pointing out that more American women are abused on Super Bowl Sunday than on any other day of the year. This new song concerns a wife who exacts revenge on her malicious husband in the dead of night and is exonerated because he had it coming in a big way. Thankfully, the song has nothing to do with football. Even more thankfully, my wife has seen fit to keep the carving knives safely stowed away in the cutlery drawer during the still of the darkest hours. So it’s a work of fiction; though, yes, my wife would probably be exonerated too. Idiot Proof will be finished soon and I’m excited for everyone to hear it. But, in the meantime, please extend your warmest welcome to Sahl. Peace, W

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