Hello – I hope you’re well and enjoying a richly deserved three-day weekend if you live in the US. I’m currently enjoying breathable air in the Eastern Sierras and resting up after a crazy creative burst that resulted in another album a bit quicker than anticipated. “Breathable air?” you ask. I live in the LA area and the horrific Station Fire has saturated the air with smoke, ashes, and nasty little particles of burnt forest. Combine that the usual smog, haze, and floating crud, et voila! Unbreathable air. So we threw down our oxygen masks and got out of town. Why would anyone want to set a fire that destroys millions of dollars of physical objects and priceless dreams and memories? What drives someone to have an irresistible need to burn things? Does it symbolize the destruction of the psychological traumas that grow like dry weeds in the cracks of the subconscious? Do the rising flames represent the frustrations of living in a world of broken promises and abuse? All I know is that these fires bring nothing but ashes and sadness. “Another album?” you ask. Well, yes. Just as I have no clue why someone would start a fire in the Angeles National Forest, I have no idea why I am driven to keep writing, but songs just keep coming and I feel compelled to record them and put them out there. About a month ago, I sat down to play with some bits and pieces of songs and BOOM! The floodgates opened up. Anyway, the next record is called Nightwalker and it’s somewhat of a concept album. Here are the song titles: 1. Night Will Fall 2. Setting Sun 3. Afraid of the Dark 4. Speak to Me 5. Evil Circus Clown 6. Nervous Time 7. Dreamfalling 8. The Nightwalker Comes . . . 9. . . . Under Cover of Darkness 10. Rising Sun It is my great honor and privilege to announce that Michael James will mix again. We’re in the process of scheduling time for that to happen. I look forward to springing the new stuff on you. It’s easily the best work I’ve ever done. Love and no smoke, W

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