Hello everyone – here’s the latest: IT'S HOT Summer has descended and I feel like a piece of coal in the devil’s steam engine. If you find yourself in the same predicament, I trust someone has the good sense to douse you with cool water and lend you a sun visor. Anyway, I have music news for a change – as opposed to the sorry medical episodes that have dominated the world of Wishnefsky as of late. BANDCAMP My three solo records are now up on a really great website called Bandcamp. Kindly direct your browser to http://wishnefsky.bandcamp.com/. You can stream or download high quality files (way better than mp3s). Even better, it will cost you only 50 cents a song! This is HALF of what iTunes and CDBaby charge. You can download CD quality files of my three solo records for a grand total of $15 (i.e. the cost of one extremely annoying Jonas Brothers CD). As further enticement, I have uploaded the lyrics to all my songs on Bandcamp. This is the first time I have made all my lyrics available. You can now decipher that one phrase that was driving you crazy because you couldn’t quite figure it out, but were pretty sure I wasn’t singing about a herd of angry rhinos having tea with the prime minister under a canopy of poison ivy and pantyhose. So, please help out your friendly local starving musician, head over to http://wishnefsky.bandcamp.com/, and download away. (Okay, I’m not really starving, but I would be for certain without my day job). You will love Bandcamp – it’s fast and easy. This is the direction in which the music biz is heading, whether the major labels like it or not. FACEBOOK While I’m on the topic of websites, please visit the Wishnefsky Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wishnefsky/28369986711. It looks like MySpace is slowly spiraling down the drain of obscurity and more of you spend cyber time on Facebook. So I’m going to get the Wishnefsky page going on Facebook, even though I’m not in love with the way Facebook does band pages. TWITTER If you’re one those ADD types addicted to Twitter (it’s okay, I am too), I tweet regularly at http://twitter.com/wishnefsky. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, no worries – tweeting regularly does not mean I need to rush to the nearest gastrointestinal specialist.) UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN . . . Thanks for supporting my music. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Peace, W

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