Hello people, Last Sunday I was stung by a bee. Because I'm allergic to those little fuckers, my doctor gave me a steroid known as prednisone. It's an amazing drug. It quickly stopped the allergic reaction. I felt like a million dollars. It has a few side effects, though. For example, I got totally wired and could not sleep at all. Another side effect, not yet recognized by the medical profession, is excessive song-writing. As such, while under the influence of prednisone, I went on a little musical binge. On the Wishnefsky myspace page, I am uploading a rough and tumble demo of one of the songs I wrote on steroids. It's called Proof. To a certain extent, Proof harkens back to a quasi-punkish period I went through while writing some of the songs that ended up on the album Letterbomb by my old band Jabberwock. I generally try to avoid song-writing, driving, and filling out tax returns while under the influence of anything other than common sense. However, there are exceptions and this song is Proof. Love and kisses, W

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