Hello Everyone,

I trust you're doing fine.  Because I believe revolution is just around the corner, I figure it's a good time to package up my fav tunes from my last three albums into a neatly wrapped musical concoction which I call Padded Sell Collection.

It features 15 songs carefully culled from Nightwalker, Fiasco - Book One, and Fiasco - Book Two.

Because I love you, I have remastered some of the songs and even gave In Your Head a haircut by cropping the end section (get it - "head" - "haircut" - I know, I'm sorry).

Because I love you even more, you may obtain Padded Sell Collection FOR NOTHING.  Or, if you prefer, you may pay in an amount of your choosing.

Either way, it's pure love and here's the link:  Padded Sell Collection.

So, I will now sneak back into my bunker and batten the hatches until the revolution starts, which, in case you're wondering, ought to be in about an hour.  So have a listen and change the world.  I'm depending on you.

All the best, W

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