Hello, Long time no blog. Hope you’re doing well and, if you live in the US, enjoying your Thanksgiving. I send many heartfelt thanks to everyone. A few updates and rambles: Michael James has finished mixing my new record, which is called Nightwalker. I will post songs as soon as mastering is completed. I am VERY HAPPY with this record. MJ did a great job. The songs are very strong. I think you will love them. My shoulder is around 80% and getting stronger. The doc says it will be another six months before it feels perfectly normal. Six months! What a long and grueling process. At the moment, I’m with family up at my parents' house in the Sierras. After working my tail off making this record and doing my, ahem, other occupation, I’m ready for a relaxing break. The weather is clear and crisp. The air is dry. My wife and mother are gossiping away. Deep breaths are key. I’ve started on the next record. Tentative working title: Fiasco. I start a new record by taking inventory of my ever-growing stock of song ideas and compiling the ideas that seem to have something in common. I start playing with them, mixing and matching, tweaking and tinkering, blowing up the laboratory, rebuilding it. Certain ideas resonate and songs develop. Lyrical concept arise and guide my decision-making. I think of albums as movies and the songs as scenes. My writing flows more freely with context. I’ve heard the album is going the way of the horse and buggy. My kids rarely download albums. Instead, they devise playlists that match their hyperactive lifestyles and the musical flavor of the moment. What a shame they don’t have the time or inclination to sit down in a dark room, drop the needle on an album, and become completely immersed in the experience of listening. I’d like to say I’m old school in this regard, except 1) listening to albums is a fairly recent phenomenon in the history of music, and 2) I’m neither old nor in school. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter to me if people listen to albums anymore. I write music for myself. I create groups of songs that make sense when listened to in a particular order. But my songs also hold up as individual pieces. One of the amazing things about recorded music is that the listener can control and manipulate the experience to suit their own purposes. So what are your nefarious purposes? Not sure I want to know. Incidentally, if you are on myspace and send me a “do u like me?” comment, the answer, with all due respect, is “no.” Please. I’ve yet to receive one of those comments from someone who doesn’t look like the next in line at the electroshock treatment center. In the meantime, I wish you and your family the very best and I truly hope you have countless joys in your life for which you are humbly thankful. Wishnefsky

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