To my friends and family in the USA, I hope you and yours had a happy Thanksgiving. I am very thankful of everyone’s love and support. As a very small token of my appreciation, I have uploaded an unmastered mix of a new song entitled What Will It Take. Michael James did the mix and played the super-tasty electric guitar solo. You can find it at and the myspace page. In other news: Inasmuch as I have written a slew of new songs, the next record has mutated and, like a musical zygote, split into two separate records. At this point in time, the first record is tentatively entitled Idiot Proof. The songs are more guitar driven than the first two Wish records, but do feature a fair amount of synth and electronic stuff. Working song titles include Exhibit A, The Bible And The Bigot, Penetrate That Skull, Proof, Trouble Follows, Somebody Loves You (As Long As The Cash Comes Down), and All Alone. (Incidentally, my close friend Alan Rosenbach noticed I referred to “the Bible and the Bigot” in a recent blog. He suggested it would make a good song title. He was right. Alan, by the way, is a prominent dermatologist and laser surgeon in Century City. If you suddenly discover an unsightly lesion causing you prodigious embarrassment, pay an Alan a visit. Feel free to mention Wishnefsky sent you, though I doubt Alan will give you a discount. Greedy vermin.) The second record in progress carries the tentative title of You Wood. As some of you may know, I have a bunch of acoustic guitar songs that, like dysfunctional foster children, have never found a home on any of my records. The idea behind You Wood is to present these musical misfits in a manner as if I sat down on your couch with my acoustic guitar, politely asked you to turn off the television, and played a few songs for you. Working song titles include No More, Went But Couldn’t Figure, Wrap, You Need Therapy, Shatterproof, Not Your Friend, and Let It Go. Peace, W

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