I just posted 6 songs at www.myspace.com/wishnefsky from the new record which is entitled Nightwalker.  No, it is not an album about prostitutes, though it does concern certain things that go bump in the night.   Waking at dusk and sleeping at dawn, this album embarks on a moonlight boondoggle that beckons the monsters hiding under the bed and haunting your dreams.  The night makes a convenient metaphor for the dark reaches of the mind and the primordial fears that rise like luminous stinging jellyfish from the murky depths of the subconscious.

Or so it seems.

I wrote, performed, and produced Nightwalker at my home studio in lovely South Pasadena, California.  The supremely talented Michael James mixed and mastered the record at his insanely amazing studio.  And, being a warm shining person, he also contributed electric guitar parts to all songs on the record that contain the word "sun" in the title.

The entire record will be available online very very soon.  Details to follow.  Stay tuned.

And now back to the darkness of the wee hours . . . 



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