Completely Fucked Up




I've been talking to the wall 
Because it always listens 
Haven't seen the sunshine 
Or the moonlight glisten 
The nurse is coming 
With the great syringe 
They hold me down 
She puts the needle in 


Here I go again 
Thoughts racing far and wide 
As if an atom bomb 
Has detonated inside 

Here I go again 
I'm burning out like wax 
Non-stop acceleration 
Every dial at the max 


Everything is flawless 
All my needs are met 
Haven't seen a human 
Since I smashed the TV set 


Here I go again 
Haven't slept in 7 days 
Cover me with kerosene 
Tonight I'm going up in flames 

Here I go again 
Spinning like a top 
It's no exaggeration 
I just want this shit to stop 

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