I Evade You



I am the puzzle you can never resolve
The stain you cannot dissolve
I am the gold lost down the drain
The ghost riding on the wings of the plane

I am the time you can never get back
The qualities you will always lack
I am the word on the tip of the tongue
Forgotten photos of when you were young

I evade you
I evade you

I am the aura that blinds your eyes
Possibilities you could never realize
The glue pulling you to the earth
The devil child never given birth

I am the dream that you can’t recall
The glass eye that you took off the ball
I am the message that you never sent
A missing circus and an empty tent

I evade you
I evade you

I am the force you cannot resist
The revolution you cannot desist
I sell tickets to the end of days
And leave you hanging in an empty maze

I evade you
I evade you

I am the puzzle you could never resolve
I persuade you
The stain that you could never dissolve
I invade you

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