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CHRISTMAS GOOSE c2003 by Wishnefsky COMMENTS Many songwriters, myself included, aspire to compose a timeless Christmas Carole, filled with good spirit, holiday cheer, and chestnuts roasting over an open fire. That is what I set out to do with Christmas Goose. I failed abysmally. Instead of a heart-warming family sing-a-long, I contrived a somewhat sinister electronic excursion into the darkness inside the oven after the door is slammed shut – and you're on the wrong side. My daughter Sophie sang the answering vocal at the end of the song. She was only about seven or so when we recorded the part. She hates it now because her voice has matured and she thinks she sounds like a little girl. She also dislikes the enormous amount of effect. I feel differently. I think it sounds great and her vocals are the highlight of the song to me. The effects put the vocal in the right space in the context of everything else happening in this song. Christmas Goose takes prime advantage of two idiosyncratic techniques I used on this album: creating rhythm tracks by layering loops and devising ethereal textures by manipulating samples of the Romanian female troubadour. Wishnefsky

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