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WIshnefsky - Use Your Words


DECEIVER c2003 by Wishnefsky COMMENTS Deceiver had been rotting away in the waste bin of obscurity when my lovely daughter Sophie resurrected it with her wonderfully performed vocals. Her part inspired me to surgically remove all that bugged me about the former version and replace it with new elements that elevated the song to new heights. Deceiver previously featured long samples of a Budapest metro station. The samples provided an exotic aural underpinning, but, unfortunately, the song didn't leave the station with the trains and it wasn't all that interesting to listen to. After Sophie breathed life back into the song, I took out most of the train station samples and only one remains – barely perceptible - in the section between the first chorus and second verse. I added the ethereal synth pad and distorted sequenced synth patch. I changed the sound of literally everything else – drums, bass, synths, guitars, and vocals. The lyric asks not who is the one doing the deceiving, but, rather, who is the one being deceived. The answers to both questions are not necessarily different. Wishnefsky

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