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FIRE OF DESIRE c2003 by Wishnefsky COMMENTS If you write enough songs on acoustic guitar, sooner or later you will author a campfire song and that's what happened to me here. This is, by far, my youngest daughter's favorite song on this album. I interpret that fact as one giving great hope for Fire of Desire. Incidentally, when my daughters sing along, they awkwardly skip the line about the pimp in the last verse. I refuse to tell them exactly what I sing there until they're old enough to appreciate their father's unique sense of humor. There is a line in the second verse - "you only want what you can't get" – stolen verbatim from an old lyric penned by my buddy Alan Rosenbach that I set to music a long time ago. The song was entitled "Bagels on the Beach in Bali." It may be the only song in the history of music that addresses Linus Pauling and Jewish delicacies in a pop song format. I generally steal only from myself, but I feel justified in plagiarizing from the lone lyric ever written by Alan because, back in the day, he inadvertently kicked my old Korg analog synthesizer and broke a few keys that were never the same and required copious amount of duct tape to remain in place. That was the same day that Alan stabbed himself in the eyelid with a switchblade while pretending to dual with me. Before you express too much amazement, consider this is the same guy who once laughed so hard at a joke on a Dixie cup that he head-butted the corner of a microwave oven and needed several stitches in his forehead. Alan's parents seriously questioned whether he would survive long enough to be able to vote. As a postscript, I'm happy to report that he did survive and is now a very successful dermatologist and laser surgeon in Century City. If you have an unsightly boil on your buttocks, he's your man. Wishnefsky.

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