Wishnefsky - Use Your Words


GET IT OVER WITH c2003 by Wishnefsky COMMENTS A song with such a title as "Get it Over With" does not belong anywhere the near the beginning of an album for obvious reasons. I wrote this song while we were staying at my parents' house in the Eastern Sierras. It was one of those songs that just flowed out without much effort, confirming the hypothesis that artists are not sources of creativity, but rather conduits. I am not a religious person, but I feel a strong sense of spirituality and connection when I write, and especially when the muses favor me with a moment of artistic excellence. The intimate nature and mood of this song called for a sparse arrangement. I introduced the Philip Glass-like string section with some trepidation, but it worked quite well. So, after all of the odysseys into the world of samples, synths, and loops, the album comes home to a boy and his guitar. Wishnefsky

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