Wishnefsky - Use Your Words


USE YOUR WORDS c2003 by Wishnefsky COMMENTS My generation loves to tell our kids to "use your words." We say things like, "talk, express your feelings, communicate, there's no need to beat the living tar out of your little sister, etc." The conversation usually goes something like this: Parent: "Don't hit your sibling. Instead, use your words." Child: "Okay, I'll use my words. F*&% you." Parent: "Hmm. The article I read didn't say what to do now." Child: ''Shut up. Sponge Bob is on." In a moment of prolific stupidity, I inadvertently deleted the Logic files of this song. Hence, the original vocal and half of the synth parts are forever lost. The Reason files still exist. Fortunately, I did a really good 16 bit mix before the Logic files vaporized. The voices are samples of someone using their Hungarian words over a loudspeaker in a Budapest train station. The faint chanting you hear during the transition to and from the middle instrumental is me. No samples there. I did my best imitation of Prince Lolli Golli from Rinky Dinky from my youngest daughter's favorite movie, Master of Disguise. I can't remember now what I said. But, I used my words. Wishnefsky

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