Wishnefsky - Use Your Words


YOUR HUSBAND THE FOOL c2002 by Wishnefsky COMMENTS To set the record straight, I am not the particular foolish husband in this song. On the other hand, to be clear in a double negative sort of way, I deny that I am not a foolish husband. A quick conversation with my wife would set you straight on that issue in no time at all. The fools (notice how I used plural and not singular) in this song are two real people who are now happily divorced. Imagine that. Of all the songs on this album, Husband/Fool employs the least amount of digital trickery. Though the song works quite well as a guitar driven number, I originally wrote it using an organ patch. This is my mom's favorite song on the album. She is happily divorced – and happily remarried. So, no, she is not one of the fools described in the lyric. I would never do that to her. Wishnefsky

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