Evil Circus Clown




Evil circus clown 
Is nowhere to be found 
His face paint starts to run 
No one's having fun 

Evil circus clown 
Drinks until he's down 
The evil big top star 
Has passed out at the bar 

Evil circus clown 
Works without a net 
Dresses like a party 
To cover his regret 

Even without the bulb 
His nose is always red 
And even though he wears a wig 
There's nothing in his head 
But character defects 
Jealousy and rage 
That's why he has to paint a smile 
Before he takes the stage 

The bearded lady hates him 
The midgets run away 
The elephants are frightened 
The jugglers are dismayed 
The children in the bleachers 
Expecting something true 
Are scared out of their wits 
When evil comes unglued 

Clowns should never talk 
Clowns should only smile 
They have nothing good to say 
Only filthy lies and vile 

Evil circus clown 
Broke the big top rule 
Opened up his mouth 
To prove he's not a fool 

But only fools were makeup 
To cover up a frown 
The crowd is finally laughing 
Cause the joke is on the clown 

c2009 Wishnefsky

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