The Nightwalker Comes . . .




The Nightwalker has some goods for sale 
A box of dreams and the devil’s eyelash 
A jar of giant tears and a batch of witch’s sleep 
Powder of Pan’s horn and a strand of Aphrodite’s hair 

The Nightwalker collects arti-facts and arti-frauds 
Hides in the shadows when he sees you coming 
Barters with the tramps who steal for commission 
From the trash of the rich and the shanties of the poor 

Walk into the Night 
Walk into the Night 

The Nightwalker drags his big bag behind him 
Likes to call himself the “Anti Saint Nicolas” 
He’s never seen a sleigh or harnessed a reindeer 
Avoids the rooftops and chimneys whenever possible 

The Nightwalker comes under cover of darkness 
Sneaks in your house through the cracks in the tile 
Blows magic sleeping dust over your pillowcase 
And walks the streets in your darkest dreams 

Walk into the Night 
Walk into the Night 
Walk into the Night 
Walk into the Night 

c2009 Wishnefsky

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